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15 February 2017 @ 10:43 pm
Hello again everyone! <3 At this point in time, you should have all gotten your assignments and are shopping for and/or crafting for Spring Swap giftee a fantastic gift! As we get into the swap, a few points of concern have popped up that the hosts would like you all to keep in mind:

  • If you mentioned in your application that you would be posting an updated wants and/or collection post, now is the time to do so! The sooner you get those up, the better for your gifter!

  • If you are posting a wants list, we highly recommend that you post it on your personal livejournal (make sure it's set to public!), and then share that link with your host to pass along to your gifter. Posting it on the community doesn't guarantee that your gifter will see your wants list, since not everyone checks the community daily.

  • Make sure that your wants list contains items that are within the $20 minimum, and are easy to find for your gifter. If your wants list contains nothing but grail items or very hard to find misc. goods, then your gifter probably won't be able to get you anything on your list. Do your gifter a favor and update your wants list so it's easier to shop for you! <3

  • If you are buying any items off of your wants list, be absolutely sure that you are okay with having duplicates. It is unfair to your gifter to buy items for you and then have to scramble to find replacement gifts because you bought the same item after it was already listed on your wants list.

That's all for now! A link has been added to the sidebar for the Spring Swap Master post for everyone's convenience. Just look for the adorable little azurmaril image. :)
20 February 2017 @ 07:36 am
I really want these figures and will pay right away! Does anyone know how to obtain them? :3

20 February 2017 @ 07:53 pm
Hey, some March goods were announced! ^^

(I have been slowly mailing the last orders out as well. Sorry if your tracking has not been updated (it means it hasn't been shipped). It's because I have sooo many boxes to mail! I can only bring a few at the time to the post office. I'll get them out by the end of the week. I wanted to mail some more today but wind and rain prohibited me!)

I have a question about auctions, I never done one before so I am not sure about the process. I have a Kuji Sleepy Pikachu I am thinking of auctioning off. Do I make a separate post and is there a certain day limit I need to give?

The Pikachu's Easter goods are super cute! I will be doing Pickups for these goods next month! I have listed prices and items translations here.

Also new Ditto plush and some other Ditto items were announced. I didn't see anything about mascot straps yet. I assume they will have both sizes as always. Gloom and Magnamite are pretty cute! >///< Prices are also here on my page.


Also I am doing 2 more preorders for the Red Nendoroid! $58+shipping
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.43.20 PM.png
Let me know fast! I want to pre-order them soon!

**Mimikyu and Alola Vulpix preorders were sold out before I could even get any :( Lapras is available still.

Also I updated my sales! Yay! Please help me downsize~ ^^

Prices for everything listed above and more can be found here:

Sales permission granted by
-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.

-Please pay for items quickly after I ask for payment!

Sales items: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html You can combine them with pickups!
Feedback :http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/

-Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
-Please pay in 24 hours after final quote
-Please let me know if you want tracking added for $4.00. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
-I can't be held responsible for lost items if you did not pay for tracking or insurance.
-I will ship within 3-7 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
-Prices stated do not include shipping or fees. Please ask for a shipping quote.
-Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!
20 February 2017 @ 05:08 am
Yo! Anyone in Japan willing to do a pickup for me? Currently looking for the Midnight Lycanroc and Rockruff stickers that are placed on Orangina bottles.

Photo of full list of stickers here

I am willing to pay a VERY handsome price and retrieval fee if you are willing to find these for me! I will even pay if you find doubles of the stickers.

Much thanks!
I bought from eBay the brand new posable figures of Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon by Tomy USA.
I've been waiting for this kind of figures for 20 years lol.
I ask the seller to send me a picture of the actual product and... i don't know they look weird.
Flareon is the only one that looks good, Jolteon tbh had a strange face even in the promotional picture... but my biggest disappoint is Vaporeon.
I mean, look at his face! :o
btw i'll post pictures once i'll get it.
19 February 2017 @ 10:53 pm

I was rearranging my collection when suddenly Purrloin's crown chipped. Now whenever I touch the gold fabric it cracks off more. Is there any way to fix this?

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19 February 2017 @ 11:23 pm
I was on Twitter and saw these new items that just got announced and wanted to show everyone.(Click on the images if you want to see them full sized) They're mostly Easter themed items, but there are also a bunch of new ditto items. Also, if someone could translate the bottom left of the first page that shows all of the gen 7 Pokemon+ goomy, that would be great. I want to know if a mareanie plush is finally becoming reality.
Edit: Here's a translation of the pages by pokeshopper:http://pokeshopper.com/news.html
Sadly, the gen 7 Pokemon+goomy are just figures that you get in Easter eggs that can be obtained at Japanese Pokemon centers. It's still cool, but I'm a bit disappointed that they're not plush.


Once again, my sales on eBay have been updated with some old and new items! Come take a look!

Please click here or the image below to be transported!

Also, the sale for this big blubber ends in about 14 days!
File_000 (1) (Custom).jpg

Only 30 in existence, this is the epitome of a holy grail! Don't miss your chance to own this big blue soft punching-bag shaped beauty!

IMG_2155 (2).JPG
Just remembered I took this old photo next to my TOMY giants. Wobbuffet is officially the biggest plush I've ever owned!

Happy collecting!
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20 February 2017 @ 10:08 am
Hi all!

I am finally taken the time into sorting out all my customs, I have surely done a lot and they are all looking for new homes for fairly low prices!

I apology for the poor photo quality, the lighting is bad ;_; They look much better irl.


Link to Custom Sales: http://poliwhirl.livejournal.com/16856.html

Thanks a lot for viewing :D
Hello community! I was wondering if anybody has these two classic characters for sale?

It would mean so much to me, thanks!

Also, a new announcement shares on MonColle GET 7's set is to include: Sandslash, Alolan Sandslash, Meowth, Alolan Meowth, Marowak and Alolan Marowak plus three Z-power secret figures!
There are no images at the moment, but here is proof according to this trustworthy blog: http://34102238.at.webry.info/201612/article_10.html

Have a great Family Day if you live in Canada! <D
I finally got it guys. I've had mini grails here and there, and I've had major Zoroark wants, but this plush was my most wanted item that I never thought I'd have. I present you, the life-size Tohoku Victini! (with Sceptile for size comparison)

He is actually smaller than I thought he'd be! lol but it seems like I always expect Pokemon plushies to be bigger than they actually are. Either way, I am so very happy to finally have this cutie, especially now with everything that's going on in my life lately. Thank you so much ckoizumi for helping me finally obtain this plush!

While I love this plush, it cost me a little fortune and since my sales haven't been working out I'm going to try auctioning things instead! I will be taking a trip to Peru in July to study how deforestation is effecting the bird populations and I haven't gotten enough scholarships to pay for it so I could really use some help lol This will be my first time out of the states, how exciting! I was hoping Japan would be first but it will have to wait ^^

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
Auctions will end next Monday, February 27th, at noon PST

RulesCollapse )

AuctionsCollapse )

Sales Preview

Straight SalesCollapse )

Dog Tags and Coins- Free with purchase of anything including items being auctioned

Other sales (Twilight Princess HD stuff, Digimon, Zootopia)

And in case my SSS gifter missed it last time, wants

Also, I have a question concerning people who live in Japan. I have always wanted to live there temporarily, to the point where I sometimes wish I had picked a different major for my undergrad. When I'm done with grad school I'll be a zoologist, which I'm pretty sure is not something I can do anything with in Japan. What is it like? What kind of job do you hold? I'm not sure if being an English teacher is my thing, but I have no idea what else I could do there. How easy is it to learn the language and writing? How expensive is it to visit family back in the US if you do? I know it's a lot, but I have no idea where to ask these kinds of things haha If it's easier to PM me, that's fine :) I'm just so curious!
19 February 2017 @ 01:17 pm
Toyfair started yesterday and I've seen some cool stuff poring over that many pics and videos online. So far there is going to be Mega Construx sets of Kanto Pokemon. And on Tomy products Sun and Moon Ash figure will be able to do Z-move poses with Pikachu. anyone else got anything notible sighted?

Hello Everyone :333

I wanted to share my Jolty collection, which has been recently udated, with a must SSS want list and a reintro :3

The explosion of Jolties under the cut

Warning image heavy ^^

Jolty used cutCollapse )

19 February 2017 @ 10:36 am
Good afternoon! First off I lowered some sales prices and added a few more things, like a jumbo Lunala card and Japanese McDonalds board featuring Johto and Hoenn Pokemon. Feel free to check it out below! Also, I forgot that Monday was a holiday so all packages will be going out on Tuesday as long as the power stays on, everything is flooding here.

Hope everyone is having fun with SSS! This is my first one and it's so fun! I always love buying stuff for others and helping others with their collections, so this is great ^^ If my partner is reading this, I'll be updating my wants list with more things to help make it easier! I know it's hard when I haven't really posted any collection pictures so I'd like to try making it easier. Most of my collection is still packed away for the time being so I can't really take pictures.

Sales preview!

Sale RulesCollapse )

SalesCollapse )
19 February 2017 @ 01:14 pm
I recently fell in love with these two weasels and I need some in my life!

Martial Arts Weasels!Collapse )
Thanks for looking and if you have any of these for sale let me know!
19 February 2017 @ 05:54 pm
Hi again! My previous lot did not sell, so I went through my storage, added a bunch more plush, and made a new auction! Please have a look!

I have default veteran member sales permission. Thanks for looking!
19 February 2017 @ 11:10 am
good morning! i'm wondering if anyone was willing to trade their copy of pokemon platinum and pokemon battle revolution? i'll trade pokemon pearl for platinum and colosseum for pbr! i'll throw in pokemon white 2 also if you want it/it makes either an even trade! i've always wanted these games and figured i'd try my luck out here! thanks a ton!! <3
Hey everyone! :D It's been AGES since I've posted a collection update! My collection has more than quadrupled in the past year and I've even been able to obtain a couple of grails I thought I'd never see! I've lost count of all the pokedolls I've collected and haven't yet finished putting all my figures on display. I was able to finally get a nice shelf for most of my plushies though! :) Pictures are under the cut! Im posting from my phone so please let me know if there's something wrong with the formatting :) Also, not everything can be seen since I still need to find a better way to arrange some of them. They're just hiding~ ^-^

Pictures Here~Collapse )
And here's a link to my new permanent wants list!~ http://midnight312.livejournal.com/800.html
Thanks for looking!~
19 February 2017 @ 08:14 pm
hey guys:) I remember someone had a sales post with the standing eeveelutions in it particularly flareon, umbeon, sylveon or any of them really thanks:) or any sleeping plush for sale?
18 February 2017 @ 11:49 pm

Hello again everybody!

I wanted to share an exciting change in my collection room, and some recent arrivals! Let's take a look!

Also minor update at my Collection Site!


Porygon Used Upgrade!Collapse )

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18 February 2017 @ 09:32 pm

Banpresto Charizard (no tags) -- $28.74 SHIPPED TO US
Pokemon Y -- $25.65 SHIPPED TO US
Pokemon Sun -- $36 SHIPPED TO US
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18 February 2017 @ 08:41 pm
I recently found the Poke Box store after wondering about it for the longest time (actually thought it was an official merch series for a while, lol). I ended up buying their remaining umbreon and espeon 2015 charms, in addition to some plushes.. I absolutely couldn't resist. Everything is so precious! *^*

So of course, I stumbled on some items that are no longer in production...

More details...Collapse )
Please let me know if you've got any of these for sale!

Just announced at Wonder Fest!

Red Figma

Ash and Pikachu Nendoroid

EDIT: Pikachu "face case" (essentially a Pikachu costume to insert a Nendo face into)

Lilie and Cosmog Nendoroid

Wallets, get ready!

EDIT: A new face enters!

Lillie and Alola Vulpix G.E.M.

18 February 2017 @ 02:46 pm
Hiya there!  I'm back with another quick round of sales.  Haggling is allowed!

RulesCollapse )

Prices!Collapse )

In addition, I also still have a claim available for the My Dearest Pikachu Pair Secret Pin for the GA I am hosting.  The pin is $5.  Here's a close-up of the pin, picture curteousy of PokeVault!
18 February 2017 @ 08:18 pm
Hello everyone!
Sorry for not posting so much lately but I'm quite busy right know. I'm here today to make an updated sales post (you can click here or on the image) and I'll come back soon with a gets post (HUGE GRAILS ON IT) and an art commissions post.  If you are interested in some commissions for the spring swap, you can tell it to me now before I make the post, since there is the time limit.

Also, I have updated my non-pokemon part with some custom danganronpa acrylic charms I made, Hakuouki, digimon and other figures. Take a look if you're interested ♥

Hi everyone, my account name is Polifleur but you can call me Heather :) I'm not new to the community but lost my password and account name so couldn't get access to posting for almost a year (sounds like something that would happen to me)

Anyway I'm back and thought I would show you a few things from my collection which ranges from binders of cards to some rarer items I've managed to pick up over the years.
see picturesCollapse )

18 February 2017 @ 05:28 pm
Hello everyone! It's time for a quick wants post. After obtaining some super-cool and super-wanted items, there are still many many great things I'm still missing. I'm not currently waiting for any packages and that feels odd :D To fix this, I made a small(ish) wishlist. I used the old friend Google to search and scout for items people had for sale a few years ago. I think most of these things are pretty rare, but I'm still putting my luck to the test :)

There we go! If you identify something you have and are willing to part with, don't hesitate to tell me :) These are the first ones that came to my mind, so I forgot something with a probability of 1.

Finally, something I spotted by accident and totally amazed me:

This left me totally speechless. If someone gave me some extra money, I know what it will be used for :D But, maybe sometime... In the future...

Have a nice weekend!
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Hey guys! I was hoping that my next post would be a collection post, but I'm waiting on some packages from Japan that I really wanted to arrive before I show my Eevee set up >w< It's really blowing me away how long postage takes from some of these sellers!

Well, I wanted to get some sales up for a while anyways, and I ended up working on this post for about a week on and off between photographing, researching prices etc. I've ended up pricing a lot of it very low in order to sell it fast, incluing grouping items together in cheap lots.

I have a load of rare old treasures from Kanto/Johto, some newer stuff from XY. A lot of metal charms, pins/badges, Cardass and other card sets, figure straps, swing charms, some Pokebox goodies and a lot more. I'm not even done, so keep checking back as I edit more to this as I get photographs of everything *w*

RulesCollapse )

Shipping InfoCollapse )

Figure Straps/Keychains - Pokemon Time, Pokemon Center, Banpresto, Tomy etc.Collapse )

Badges/Pins, Metal Charms, Metal Keychains etc.Collapse )

Other Non-FlatsCollapse )

Flats - Stickers, Notebooks, Cards and MoreCollapse )

Hi! I was wondering if anyone here does custom pokemon figures which are very similar in quality to the moncolle figures? I really want a lileep and cradily figure. Unfortunately, tomy did not release these two so I'm thinking of requesting for a custom so I can fill in the gaps on my collection.

Let me know if you do customs and hopefully you could show me some of your works. Thanks!
17 February 2017 @ 08:05 pm
Hello pokepeople! I've finished the next 4 baby pokemon plushies!

Say hello to Rockruff, Swablu, Buneary, and Pachirisu!

Rockruff PicsCollapse )

Swablu PicsCollapse )

Buneary picsCollapse )

Pachirisu PicsCollapse )
17 February 2017 @ 04:08 pm
Hey all~~

Have a plush lot running on eBay atm that ends next week:

I'll be out of town as usual for the weekend and Monday is a government holiday, so next shipping day will be Tuesday :) Should have another update next week once I've sorted through Sun/Moon choco eggs that have arrived and such too :D

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
17 February 2017 @ 05:06 pm
Hey guys! Just wanted to share some recent gets :)


These are my plush gets! I'm technically not collecting plush anymore (with the exception of tiny ones here and there) but I folded for the Rockruff and Vulpix fluffy plush. I love this series so much ;w; The smaller plush are all bought from Silvally and made by Vulpes_canis, and the May/Cyndaquil pair are from etsy!

Everything else is under the cut!Collapse )

Here's a link to my store in case anyone is looking for customs for their giftee! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr_shop_menu

That's it so far :D I can't wait to see more SSS posts. I'm shipping out my sister's gift for her tomorrow... so one of you guys is gonna get a gift on tuesday ;)
Hi! I'm looking for the following pokemon figures

Let me know if you have any of these for sale.

Also seeking a vigoroth banpresto keychain figure
17 February 2017 @ 12:54 pm
I got my SSS in the mail already! I was super surprised to get this so soon!

Thank you so much dragoniter! I've had a bad week, so this came at the perfect time!


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17 February 2017 @ 06:43 pm
Hey guys!

I've decided to part with some of my Pokedoll collection along with other stuff that I have been wanting to sell for a while.

Here is a little preview:

RULESCollapse )

SALESCollapse )
17 February 2017 @ 05:18 pm
hey hey!
Now everyone has their secret swap partners are you having fun looking for gifts? I'm having troulbe picking items as theres just so much I want to do!

 I have a couple of sales for you all today. I got a couple new items todayand noticed my shelves looked a little overcrowded so I have done a little collection weeding.
We have pokedolls, plush, zukans and more!

pictures for interest

Read more...Collapse )

Hello everyone! Like many others, I have been hunting for the posable Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon set that was to come out in January with no success.... Until tonight! The US Tomy store updated thier online store, and boy is it a dosy! It includes restocks of older plushes and figures (Noibat anyone?), some brand new figures (like eeveelution) AND includes brand new aloian plush like Litten, MIMIKYU, and Togedemaru! They also have it so any purchase over $40 gets free shipping in the US. =)

Now, I know a lot of people looking for these are not in the US, so I am offering pickups for anyone interested. Cost will be item + $2 (per item purchased) and shipping cost from me to you (and those darn PP fees). Please note I can't give shipping quotes as I do not have these things in hand. Overseas shipping cost for last couple packages weighing 4 oz cost about $13. >_< Once I place the order, you are committed to the purchase. Payments will be due once I receive items and can calculate shipping. *Edit* please include your location when you order so I can calculate your total once I get everything. I plan on ordering Monday or Tuesday. *Sorry for all the edits guys! I put the post up at 2 am my time so I was pretty groggy and didn't think of everything to put down the first time. XD*

You can view the store here:
http://tomy.com/pokemon-toys/figures-and-playsets (link to figures, navigate to other sections)

For those of you having trouble with the link, try this one, courtesy of sugar0coated: http://us.tomy.com/pokemon/shop

I was granted sales permission on March 23rd, 2016 by areica96.
My feedback can be seen here.

Any questions about my sales policies can be found on my sales page located at http://yuwaku-kun.livejournal.com/4044.html. Feel free to combine anything from my store with your Tomy order. =)

*Edit* If there is enough interest, I am willing to do a purchase from the Pokemon online store as well. Same rules apply: Cost will be item + $2 (per item purchased) and shipping cost from me to you.

Tomy online store:
1.naomiromeroart - THROW 'N' POP POKÉ BALL, ROCKRUFF AND ULTRA BALL to 43232
2. sugar0coated - Eeveelutions 3 pack to UK
3. clicky797 - small plush Rowlet, Eeveelutions 3 pack to 60156 (Uk)
4. pokewomon - Eeveelutions three pack to 92256

Pokemon Center Online:
17 February 2017 @ 12:28 am
Hello all!!

I'm pretty sure my SSS gifter broke the record for quickest gift. I received my gift in the mail yesterday! I still am in shock....

I got the 40 inch Pikachu that was on my wishlist?!? I literally can't even. O_o; *mind explodes*

Unfortunately, it shipped directly from the US Pokémon Center's website; so I don't know who gave me this amazing gift :( Whoever you are, I'm pretty sure you are the best gifter ever! I can't thank you enough for your generosity <3
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16 February 2017 @ 11:52 pm
Hello everyone! I'm back with some sales (maybe you can find something for your SSS partner?)

Sales here!Collapse )

I also finished making a collection website, and I don't think I posted it here yet! If you're interested, you can look at it here: http://eeveefruit.weebly.com I need a banner, but I haven't gotten around to making one
Any feedback or advice for making it better would be appreciated (^v^)

Finally, my card trades/sales post has been updated, so check it out if you want~

Thank you for looking!
16 February 2017 @ 09:29 pm
Hey everyone! This is just a small little post mostly for my SSS partner (whoever that may be). ^_^ I did recently update my website with new goodies though, so feel free to check that out. AND I'm also in the process of setting up a sales post (Yes I have permission. Granted by lineealba in 2009, confirmed by areica96). So HOPEFULLY I'll be able to post that over the weekend. :3

I have no idea who my SSS partner is, but if it is you, please read under the cut! <3

SSS InfoCollapse )

As for my question, I recently purchased the Blue Japanese Limited Edition Alolan Starter 2ds.

I have never owned a console outside of the US, and I know region compatibility is a thing. I just want to confirm that these systems will ONLY play Japanese games, correct? I would hate to "attempt" to see if the system works with my own games and ruin the system OR my games. Or if it's just going to sit on display. XD

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks for looking! ^_^