23 July 2014 @ 11:11 pm
Just a brief reminder of my sales that have free shipping through Sunday the 27th for all purchases over $5 (in the USA)~! All items purchased will be getting dropped off Sunday night or Monday morning :3  My community feedback is here while my private feedback can be viewed here. Items in my sales include the vulpix canvas plush, pokepark kyogre plush and even a DX kyogre pokedoll is still available~!

Current Sales~!

I've updated my wants at the top of my sales post and will be happy to trade for any Slowpoke or Zweilous merch :3 I'm especially interested in trading or purchasing a Slowpoke zukan~!

Thank you. 
23 July 2014 @ 11:06 pm
Hello everyone! So happy I can be apart of this community I just recently joined!

Anyways my names Ashley I'm 22 years old and my collection is eevee's but I also collect pokemon figures and anything else I grew up with in the 90's like burger king when they had those pokeballs with the gold cards I have 6 of those but that collection is at my fiance house because were having a pokemon wedding!!!

I met my fiance on a dating website and had all my profile pictures as me dressed up in my eevee cosplay, the way he asked me out was the best thing I will never forget!!!
549_900 and he purposed to me when we were cosplaying as Ash and Misty at a convention last year!

So how did I become an eevee collector you ask? Well my brother and I grew up on pokemon so our parents and grandparents would get us alot of pokemon stuff for birthdays and christmas. One day my mom bought me an eevee plush from 1996 filled with the beads and ever since that day I fell in love with eevee! I also have a tattoo of eevee!!

Anyways heres a picture of my collection, hope to make friends and show you guys my collection growing!
Hello community!
These items are so hard to find! I recently got a couple from tamago226 and want to try to finish my set! (They are a lot bigger than I expected!)
I am looking for 4 more!
Yellow Pikachu
Blue Oshawott
Blue Eevee
Yellow Eevee
Pokemon Collection Eraiser Poke KoreKeshi PokeCenJP
Anyone have any for sale or know where I can find them? Thanks so much <3

Also, quick sales
Feedback here please! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/syminka/
           Sales permission from Lineaalba.

Inkay/Pikachu sticker- $2
Umbreon tomy- $4
Taillow spin figure- $1
Meditite spin figure- $1

Farfetch'd charm new- $6
Froslass charm new- $6
Hawlucha charm new- $6
OR buy 2 get an item from my sales free!
Hello everybody. I am new to this community, so I thought I'd start off with a bit of introduction. I'm a huge Pokemon Card Collector, and I've been collecting since they first came out back when I was like 7 years old. I just recently got back into collecting, so I'm kind of making up for lost time, and I've been rapidly working to complete old sets. I figured I'd start off by showing off my two completed sets:


photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (1) photo 5 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (3)

Best of Game

photo 3 (3)

I've also collected all of the Pokemon LEGEND series from the Heart Gold & Soul Silver, Unleashed, Undaunted, and Triumphant sets.

photo 4 (2)

And finally, the pride of my collection!!! I've also been collecting Full Arts because they are absolutely beautiful cards! I currently have them all, and I will definitely be adding Dragonite EX, Seismitoad EX, Lucario EX, and Heracross EX to my collection once Furious Fists is released in a few weeks.

The whole set

photo 5 (1)

And a few close ups:

photo 1 (3)
photo 2 (4)
photo 3 (4)
photo 4 (3)
photo 5 (2)
photo 2 (1)
photo 3 (1)
photo 4

I know I went kinda photo-happy, but I think that's all I'll post for now. Maybe I'll post completed sets as I finish them, as well as some photos of some gets from booster packs and tins and such things.

I look forward to collecting with all of you :)
23 July 2014 @ 04:29 pm
Hey everyone!! I've been meaning to do a collection update but I've been pretty busy with work, but I had plenty of time today to take some pictures of my new stuff in this nice weather :3 Here are my purchases from the past couple of months!

New pokedolls!!!Collapse )
Backpacks!Collapse )
Hello everyone! I have some major price slashes! all figures in first three pictures are 1 dollar! and cards are all buy one get one free ( the least expensive is the one you will get free). Also figures that were seven dollars straight sale are now only 4 dollars each!!!

in these first three pictures they are all one dollar, and if you want any pictures, just let me know! ONES AVAILABLE: combusken, both bonsly, regsteel,deoxys,snorunt,meditite, winggull,luvidisc,taillow,groudon,loudred,medicham,pikachu,and the evolution of aipom.

stickers are just a dollar!! and the figures in the bottom picture are all 4 dollars instead of 7! ONES AVAILABLE: plusle,torchic,kygore,mudkip,weavile,minun,whismur,treecko, mime jr.

last but not least these figures are 4 dollars knocked down from 7! though jirachi and entei have some imperfections so they are 2 dollars. ONES AVAILABLE: jirachi,entei,manaphy,deoxys,celebi,mewtwo,darkai,palkia, and adorable suicune (suicune has some blue spots on his white nose, otherwise completely adorable.) WIll gladly provide pictures!!

also have this cloth placemat for playing the game on, pretty great condition, please take it away 6 dollars obo!

Here is a preview of my card sales at the following links


sale rulesCollapse )

Here are some absol and vaporeon wants! all of these pictures are either mine or from google search.

wantsCollapse )

I have these only up for trade for the absol kid!!!

plus any vaporeon stickers you may have, i may be interested in!

Thank you
Hello I am updating my trade post so ALL PLUSHES AND POKEMON IT'S I OWN ARE FOR TRADE.

Note that I have the price I paid for the plushes so these trade will be fair.

Feel free to comment about any plush.
23 July 2014 @ 06:17 pm
  Hello all,
I have a few sales for you today.

Sales under the cut!Collapse )
23 July 2014 @ 03:04 pm
Hello community!

I've finally decided to post a quick intro after weeks of hesitation:) I go by Tricksii online, and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I can probably say I've been a Pokemon fan for a great majority of my 23 years, but I also love to travel so a lot of what merch I have accumulated is in storage.. somewhere. One day I'll have to go and dig everything up just to see what there is!

I'm currently a university student pursuing a degree in food and nutrition along with a certification in event planning on the side, while I work in the restaurant service industry and enjoy sports and outdoor activities in my off time. I love taking my dog out, watching movies, reading and exploring my lovely city as well. My two favourite collections consist of the Eeveelutions and Sailor Moon merch (so much is being released these past few months!).

At the moment, I'm in search of PokeBox's Eeveelution charms! Specifically the first(dessert) and second(lollipop) release ones. If anyone is thinking of selling their's or knows of someone who is, I'd love to take a look!! I'm willing to pay $10-$25 for the most part, but this can be flexible. I have a few already, and definitely love every aspect of them- they'll definitely have a loving home:)

Hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures of what little collection I have soon, just because I also enjoy just browsing through everyone's collections here! (I'll have to figure out all the rules and the whole photo resizing thing, too..) Anyway, I look forward to getting to know everyone:) Cheers!

Hi everyone :3 I'm weeding out some stuff from my collection and want to make an auction for these rare things: the walky eevee pouch (which is sooooo beautiful so its really hard for me to give it away!) & the cute raichu keshipoke!

--- Free Shipping to everywhere! ---

Auction&rules here! ♥Collapse )


- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- I ship from germany worldwide
- Shipping is without insurance so I'm not responsible for lost items! (Please tell me if you want insurance)
- Paypal only
- No sniping!
- Prices does include the shipping and pp fees!! So please dont ask for a quote!

Auction will start now for 3 days and end up on saturday, 23.7. at midnight (middle-european time)

Walky Eevee Pouch ~ used but good condition, please look at the pics! Not dirty because I had clean it! For free you will get the very cute rare eevee stickercard! Start@30$

Raichu keshipoke start@10$


Thanks for looking everyone!

23 July 2014 @ 02:38 pm
Hi everyone! I still have 6 blind bag Pokes that are looking for homes! Please go check em out!

~Click here to be transported~
I will be shipping out everyone's who has already paid tomorrow. (I'm going out of town for the weekend so if I don't get the rest sold and shipped out by tomorrow the remainder will be sold on my Tumblr/DA so this is your only chance to get them on the comm :D)

And I'm also on the hunt for some wants!
These are the major ones I'm looking for, but I might be interested in other things too you can check out my full wants post here
I'm always happy to do partial trades or full trades for my custom plush (examples of my work here)
My many wantsCollapse )

Thanks everyone! (also something to look forward to I will be opening commissions when I get back from my mini-vacation including simplified plush! (no remakes of the ones I've already made) as well as regular slots)
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23 July 2014 @ 12:41 pm
Hey guys I just added my friend code to the spreadsheet.. Just thought I would let everyone know. I will get around to adding everyone here soon.

Also I have a website that I made for all my Absol/Mega Absol stuff if you wanna see it heres the link: http://absolsanctuary.weebly.com/

Thats where my wants and my collection will be that way its all in one place and easy to keep track of^^

I dont really have much for an update except that I get to go to my first Prerelease on August 2nd. What should I expect? Do I have to play the game or can I just open the packs and be happy?
23 July 2014 @ 06:52 am
I did know about the klefki key ring :o it looks so cool! I wonder how much it costs to get it shipped to New York

& when are those fairy figure releasing I think includes dedenne sylveon Marill gardevoir & mawile oh and whimscott they should have included jigglypuff tbh or Clefairy :p

I've been noticing a lot of pokemon who didn't really have much merch are starting to be included yay! I want the nidoran plush :p what pokemon do you want to get some merch?
22 July 2014 @ 10:22 pm

Only a few more days on my auctions! Some rare items are still bid-less, including the MIB Lapras bellplush, and a pretty rare Lapras TFG figure. Pop on over to take a look, and as always, anything can be combined with my sales post!

All auctions end 7/25/14. (Click for countdown!)

PREVIEWS: Click on one to be transported to the post!!

Hop on over if you like lapras/bayleef!

22 July 2014 @ 10:04 pm
I got two zukan pieces recently that were in pretty bad shape. I've always wanted to try repainting figures so I gave it a shot with these and I think they turned out pretty well. There are also details on how to do it if anyone's interested :)

Shinies!Collapse )

Also, If anyone has any beat up figures, especially zukans and TFG I would potentially be interested in purchasing them :)
22 July 2014 @ 06:56 pm
Hey guys, it's been awhile!
Did you miss me?

I've recently been getting back into collecting thanks to the awesome syminka <3

I'm starting a Hoenn collection, not just because of the hype, just because RSE has been my favorite games growing up.

I just got sniped on eBay for a groundon pokedoll, so I'm on the hunt for one. Condition doesn't matter too much, just the cheaper the better.
Also looking for a groudon tomy figure.

if anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

I plan on having awesome pictures of my collection up soon!

DrouuuuuuuughtCollapse )
22 July 2014 @ 05:41 pm
Front image
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

Here are the rules:
Da rules:Collapse )

And now onto the goodies!
The surpriesCollapse )

I am looking for this Sleeping Spikey eared pichu; if anyone has one please let me know! :3
Found a trade so no longer seeking that item~ ^-^

I think this is a good warning, don't trade with: pokelectronics;
this is located in my journal. I feel this is a safe way to say this was my 1st experience with her and my last.
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I can't find this guy anywhere but on Pokevault and I simply don't have that much money to spare, especially because shelf price is below $10 (though I am using their images..). Also this towel. I need it. Nao ;.;

More wantsCollapse )

You can offer me any Litleo, Pyroar, Entei, Garchomp, Espurr and Meowstic merch! I own a lot already.

Also, is there a plush or figure you have taken with you to a lot of different countries? I'm currently in France and my Entei and Espurr came with me. Entei has been in China (where he was made), Japan, US, the Netherlands, Belgium and now France!
22 July 2014 @ 06:59 pm
Hello everyone!

Last week or so I received my so awaited items from a couple GAs I participated in, and man oh man I'm still thrilled with my gets, so time to share!

Graily get!Collapse )
GAntastic gets!Collapse )
Thanks for reading!

Hey all,

I noticed there was a large interest in the items I had for sale however, the shipping from Australia to the states was high. As a result I cut the prices on my items and bundled the Eeveelution TOMY sets with a corresponding TOMY set of figures. I am also offering free shipping to Australia and the USA for 24 HOURS.

Hopefully this gives you a greater opportunity to get what you want :)

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Happy collecting!

Togachu =D

RulesCollapse )Item BundlesCollapse )
22 July 2014 @ 10:43 am
Hi everyone! School's starting in a few weeks, and as a poor college student, that means sales! Everything actually had to go this time, so I finally just listed it in a lot on eBay. Feel free to GA it! Link below the cut.

I'm also selling my MIP Lugia, Swablu line, Chikorita line, Budew line, and Chimchar line charms directly. Here's a preview of everything:

Photo Jul 20, 11 37 58 AM - Copy (400x300)

general sales rulesCollapse )
link to auctionCollapse )
direct charm salesCollapse )

And just for kicks, I've recently learned how to cross stitch! This Flareon was my first attempt, and I love it! It's really easy, if you're interested in learning. Cross stitches make for adorable customs!
cute Flareon is hereCollapse )
22 July 2014 @ 11:05 am

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a link to my sales post, which I have not done in a long time.

I have some plush, some older Hasbro figures, a ton of kids from gens 1-4, and some other items.

Please click HERE and comment on that post for the sales!

I would also like to share my most recent gets from Sunyshore. I have gotten so many awesome items from this community lately, but they are not included in this update because I did a box opening/review video for these items (which I will also include a link under the cut).

Gets ahead!Collapse )

Oh, one other thing! I have recently been working on a sign (click for a bigger picture) to hang up in the room where my collection will be. (Venusaur Valley is the name of my site which is not done but in a good state of progress.) The sign is not quite done yet (as you can see from the unfinished painting in the center), but I am happy with it so far.
QuickShot 2014.07.17 at 17.19.19

Thank you for your time!
22 July 2014 @ 03:12 pm
Hello community!

Just a quick reminder that I have this custom Eevee bag still available for straight sale -


Inside pic.... INSIDE!Collapse )
22 July 2014 @ 12:05 pm


Hello community!

I am searching for a plush artist who can make me a Noivern Pokedoll.

I am looking for something that looks like this:

Plush done by sjorei, asked for permission to use it as a basis.
artwork by methuselah-alchemist on deviantart

I would principally also be open to a simple Noivern plush non-Pokedoll style that's about 4-6" tall. 10-15cm.
I am only searching for someone, who can do a plush very accurately to the photo/art references or my wishes!
My budget for a plush would be from $60 up to $80 before shipping (to Germany). If the price could be decreased by this, I would also be open to a partial art trade.
If $80 is totally undoable though and if I totally love your plush or something, I'd also be willing to think about a higher price of course.

Also, Ithe commission would only start next month since I cannot pay earlier! And additionally, I would be happy about some sort of a payment plan maybe.

If you are a plush artist and would be interested or know someone with open commissions, please contact me either here in the comments or via private message so that we can work something out :) And please  post a reference to your work.
Please don't feel offended or sad when I turn you down since tastes are different.

Thank you! :)

Found this cuties in my letter box this morning <3 Their poses are so kawaii, the colors are really vibrant!
Soon I will take pics of everyone of them, and I'm so excited :D

UnboxingCollapse )

And finally the figurines in all their beauty!

EeveelutionsCollapse )
21 July 2014 @ 07:39 pm
Hey everyone, I'm doing a bit of collection weeding today. I'm running out of space over here for other collections. (And I also got a new betta fish. He needs a heater and some fun decorations!)

I have mostly plush up for sale today! So come check it out!

And just a reminder, I am still unable to ship internationally, so these sales are for US addresses only. Sorry for any inconvenience. D:



Sales are here!Collapse )
21 July 2014 @ 08:55 pm
Howdy howdy everybody!
A small grail of mine popped up and I need to liquidate a little to for sure get it...so it's time for a small clearance sale!!!
Everything is absolutely 100% negotiable, so if something interests you just shoot me a number!
Anything purchased and paid for in the next 15 hours will be shipped TOMORROW MORNING!

White Kyurem tomy and some kids!Collapse )
It's about that time. I've acquired quite a few cool things and have a freshly arranged collection, so it's time for an update!

One of the COOLEST customs I've seen on the internet!
A chibi Delphox made by the extraordinary d215lab, bought from kroh2011
This is officially the very first custom plush that I own and she is GORGEOUS
so teeny and detailed and well-made and just UGH SO CUTE O3O
(here's d215lab's photos of her for more detail)

I'm starting to become more and more fond of baby Pokés, so here's
my first of the baby promotion swings: Azurill and Pichu from gsc_fanboy
They're so cute and pastel and dainty ^u^

moreCollapse )

Alright... Let's talk about these pattern/promo limited print iPhone cases (some of you may remember I was debating buying one or not because it was $60 not including shipping from Pokévault because I couldn't find it elsewhere) As much as I love the design, I'm disappointed and I just feel like everyone should know what they're buying.
moreCollapse )
hello friends! all orders received pre-saturday have been shipped out! you should have received notification from paypal and storenvy. please let me know if you did not! I've updated my storenvy with a bunch of new items like a fairy type focus scrunchie, trozei stickers, tomy figures and more! i've also discounted prices on some of my previous stock. please take a look! i have lots for sale!

Please click the above picture or this link to be transported to my shop!

all pkmncollectors orders of $25 or more before shipping will come with a free gift!! just include your pkmncollector's username in the notes!

deets and stuff under the cut!Collapse )

next off, i know animeraro is a trusted seller and i've purchased from both their site and ebay store multiple times, but i've been having trouble lately... it's kind of my fault for not realizing before the 45 days for paypal dispute was over, but I haven't been able to contact them at all!! so in march, i placed a pre-order for an item to be released in april. later, i decided to add some items they had in stock on both their website and ebay store, so i emailed them and asked if i could combine shipping for them. they said that it would be fine, sent me an invoice, i paid. come april, i got my pre-order items and did NOT get my other items. i emailed them, and then they responded saying that they were sorry and would send over my other items. shortly after that, i left for japan/san diego so i've been away. recently, i realized that i did not receive any packages or shipping notifications. i emailed them on july 8th to ask about my order. after a week, I still hadn't received a response to my email, so i emailed them again. i have yet to hear back from anybody... has anybody been in contact with animeraro recently/made purchases? is there anything i can do since my 45 days is up? it wasn't a large amount of money, but i'm just bummed I never got my things...
21 July 2014 @ 08:25 pm
Hello Pkmncollectors! I'm here to offer to you my Tiny PokePainting commissions!!

Click the Banner to go!

What are Tiny PokePaintings, you may ask? You can find out all the details in the link above, but here are a couple examples of some work I've done for others' collections!

Check it out! You can either nab a spot on the waiting list or take an active slot! Thanks everyone! :)
21 July 2014 @ 08:24 pm
How often are new sets released? I've tried searching for the answer but can only find images and offers of the figures being sold and not when they were released. I'm VERY happy to have my little Pumpkaboo but I'm still chomping at the bit for Gourgeist and Phantump XD
21 July 2014 @ 07:34 pm
Hello everyone,

First of all, I've actually been meaning to post this here since Saturday. But then I got lazy as usual. Sorry. XD

Anyways, I think I mentioned back in my last post in June that I was thinking about doing an update since I have gotten a few things in recent time (As well as waiting for some things to arrive). Well, I finally got around to taking a few photos over the weekend to share what I got with you all (It's not that much though).

Here's both the Yveltal Pokedoll (Thank you dtrain4eva for Yveltal) & PokeCen Ho-Oh plush I've mentioned in my last post (Received both back in March).

And here's a Mega Stone (Charizardite X) I've ordered from Sunyshore that came in last week, and some Black & White Kyurem Trozei stickers from back in June (Thank you denkimouse & remderosier). Hoping to get the PokeCen Mega Charizard X plush to go along with the stone soon. :)

Other stuff under the cutCollapse )
A few things for saleCollapse )
Hey all, long time no see!

I've updated our Yahoo!Japan Auctions guide with lots of new search terms, including Settei, gashapon, and the epic giants plush.


If you're looking for items, first check with www.jisho.org - then ask in the post :)
If you have any search terms to add, just leave them in a comment and I'll update the guide. Thanks!
21 July 2014 @ 06:51 pm
Not sure if this has been posted anywhere, but I saw this on Reddit and figured it would belong here.

"I ordered the Litleo off the upcoming Pokemon Center website and got links in my confirmation page to some pages of products that I don't think we're supposed to see yet."

Links & pics under the cut!

EDIT: Links no longer work and redirect to pokemoncenter.com
Screenshots are still below. If you're wondering, all the plush were Gen 6 plush. (Even though the banner used for the Plush page was a picture belonging to a comm member... the picture included older Pokedolls which is very misleading ;_;) Also apparently PC is using bootleg stock images for plush... literal facepalm.

Read more...Collapse )

I got a ton of packages lately! I have completed my Poke-Time Furret and Raichu merch items! Here's my haul! I can't believe two major pokemon I collect were featured this time around! I decided to have two of each plush but I didn't realize how big these were! The plush are just….amazing. I'm so satisfied with the fabric, design and pattern. I totally recommend them if you're thinking about getting one! I ordered from multiple people so I accidentally ended up with duplicates. XoX Oops. I have added them in my direct sales section it includes pens, notebooks and tins!

~Mini Update~Collapse )

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 12.40.15 AM

I also have tons of rare Sylveon items, along with XY promo cards, Eeveelutions and I <3 Pikachu Raichu Items! Please give it a look.

~Sylveon and Other Auctions~Collapse )

~Direct Sales~Collapse )


I'm looking for anything HAWLUCHA now! Be it flats, stickers, movie merch, pokecen ANYTHING! I want my Hawlucha!

Here's everything I own so far, here:

Hawlucha Wants, Looking for Someone To Do PickUpsCollapse )

And Sylveon hunting has slowed down lately but I'm always after any and all Sylveons I may not have:
Here's my Sylveon WANTS~

Thanks, guys!


21 July 2014 @ 04:55 pm

Hello everybody!!

I've gotten a huge box from SMJ after being in storage for months, and today was the day that it arrived!!

Slight update to my collection site: http://mypokedolls.weebly.com/index.html

*jumps into styrofoam*Collapse )
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21 July 2014 @ 03:46 pm
Hey guys my birthday is in the next couple of weeks. August 13th. Yey! I get to get a Mega Absol Plushie from the Pokemon Center (Cant wait til I get her) And two Booster Boxes of the new set Furious Fists, but I wanna get somethings from you guys too.

What Absol/Mega Absol things do you have for sale? Im highly interested in seeing what you have.

So far I have gotten an awsome stamp and a beautiful piece of art from two of you on here and a friend of mine also sent me an FCBM of a custom card he made for me^^

But I am interested in what you have of Absol/Mega Absol and also if you make Custom things as well. So please show me what you have. ^^
only a few of the items in the ga were bid on so there are quite a few extras for sale
 photo ce9a6e11-5605-40d5-a6ed-92817f5aa51b_zps82e20cfd.jpg
Read more...Collapse )
21 July 2014 @ 11:32 am
Hey everyone~ Another change to my my wants list-- Now looking for Xerneas Oversize Pokedoll!!

Prefer one with the JP tag. Would like a nice deal on this one, $35 shipped (I live in California US). Would be even better if I can trade for it! I'll go up to $35 shipped value of stuff from my trade list! (on the wants list)

Additionally, it'd be neat if I could trade the Yveltal Pokedoll I have (JP tag is detached, pictured here), I would be willing to trade one with also the JP tag detached for it, or trade and I pay off a $3 difference for an attached tag. I have a whole ton of other plushies that would work for the trade too!! (Like Charizard pokedoll, Sylveon etc) We can work things out!

Thanks for reading~
Bothering the community again with my stupid questions. But I love to talk to you guuuys. ;w;

Warning : Kawaii Desu crap and Sylveons.Collapse )
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