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What be there of Archen and Archeops?

So I haven't done much with Gen5 as far as collecting but there is one pokemon line that I do intend to collect to the fullest of my ability and that is Archen and Archeops.

So I wonder. What sort of merch is currently out for the two or what might be coming out soon?

For Archen I have the kid figure and a custom plush
For Archeops I have the kid figure and TOMY figure.
(All but the Plush are currently in the mail, so can't make a collection update with them quite yet)

I know eventually they will be getting MPC Plush, but it seems that it is unknown when....hopefully they won't make me wait like a year or so for these two :c  As well they will get Zukans (I mean doesn't every pokemon eventually?)

Is there anything else out right now?  And if not is there anybody that is offering customs. (Mostly custom figures because I like them the best...also I will warn you I'm a might picky)

Other then this I am also looking for the Red TFG and the Dragonite Kid with the shoulder bag and wonder what sort of prices these go for.
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