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The People at the Post Office Love Me...

because I help keep them in business. =) 

Prawnographer GA is in and ready to go! I need some shipping payments asap- these items are hugeeee and are taking up a lot of space in my room. XD

Prawnographer GA spreadsheet-pikaquil 

Please send all payments to godudette@gmail.com and make sure you include your username and what GA you participated in somewhere in the memo. If you would like feedback, please comment with a link. If you would like to leave me feedback my new thread is located here!

I am also still waiting on final payments from the following individuals from other GAs. Follow the same directions above, please!

Shiny DX GA-  oshawut (Does anyone know another way I can contact them?)

Giant irethsune GA- jeansama lunglock mandyseley pikaquil (Your combined total is in the prawnographer spreadsheet.)

Thanks for participating, everybody! If you have any concerns please let me know. <3 While I'm here I might as well post a quick wants plug:

Cresselia pokedoll why do you have to be so cute and avoid me like no other. ;_; I almost had one two weeks ago but things happen, so I'm still looking if anyone is selling!
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