Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Paypal Only
I have the right to refuse to sell to you for any reason.
I ship from the US.
Shipping starts at $2.30 within the US, due to the new price changes.
House is ferret friendly.
I require payment (or some kind of notice) within 24 hours unless you let me know first. If I do not recieve payment within 24 hours of my giving you a total, the item will go to the next interested party, or will be taken off hold.

NO TRADES right now

$2 each

Zorua/Zoroark keychainless keychain figure: $2
Rest: $1 each

Dice: $2 each
Marbles: $1 each
Zorua/Zoroark Zukan: $5
Meloetta charm: $4

Pogs: $.50 each (Dex pog is free with purchase)
Piplup keychain: $2
Suicune keychain: $3
Aipom magnet: $2
Eevee cutout is free with purchase

Mini poster from the Japanese VHS of the second Pokemon movie.

I will also combine things between the two sales.
Tags: finneon, gallade, hitmontop, lucario, lumineon, machamp, mpc, plush, qwilfish, sales, throh, zoroark
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