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starting off with gears because I'm sooo flipping in love with this line!! I just adore the goofy little expression the entire klink family shares! gahhhhh!!!

loving how the entire line has been receiving equal attention in merch form. Klingklang is receiving sliiightly more however. Which is a bit odd I guess since I would've guessed they'd go for klink instead? but whatever! same adorable little face, right? :D

plush closeup. klang and klinklang are a little bit...awkward in plush form. but klink is soft and super cute! Its probably my favorite mpc in my collection.

and now my GOLURKS!!! and only one golett. :'(  oh my god golurk is getting so many toys, this corner is getting cluttered fast. It blew my mind at first but if you think about it, golurk IS one of the coolest pokemon ever so it kinda makes sense why he's getting all these toys. I WANT MORE GOLETT THOUGH!!! its like a cute chubby baby golurk. But anyway golurks figures are highly detailed and BEAUTIFUL. 

also these! retsuden magnets+ a battrio. There are like a gazillion other battrio I still need to get...

reuniclus! he's so weird and cute. I need to find a better way to display the figures, but its tricky because NONE of his figures (minus kid) can stand on their own without a base or leaning on something or hanging by a strap. Also the tomy figure on top sort of looks like he's laughing maniacally...

magnets/coins/badges/charm. I feel so incomplete without the silver colored coin hnnngh

aaand trubbish line! nothing new to see here. MPC is newish though, I think? its super rad ofcourse! :D

smeargle! yaay. unfortunately there's nothing new to see here either, but smeargle's lovable dopey-ness is sure to brighten up anyone's day, right?!

and now something newish...

BAM. NOSEPASS!!!! I have so much to say about this lovely creature but in short I started collecting him AGAIN after having an intense blast of nostalgia during my re-playthrough of ruby/sapphire. probopass is hilariously silly and thats AWESOME but nosepass is just...friggin adorable. Its also a pokemon that holds fond childhood memories and yadda yadda yadda. P-perhaps some of you remember my nosepass themed diorama? I STILL HAVE IT. :O

dem noses. PS I want more: sell me your nosepasses! I'm especially after other colors of the metal figure. I want flats too! (except tcg).

settei! I just love nosepass's gorgeous geometric features. 

- - -


The Sultans of Sludge! The Governors of Glorious Goo! Grimer and muk!

A while back I obtained the grimer pokedoll charm. ITS JUST SO...*__* <3

hitmontop! he rules. I don't know when I'll ever find another figure for him...I believe I have most of them. 

and some nifty little trinkets too!

THROH AND SAWK. can you believe they have two plush each already? They are an inspiration for me because once I saw they got pokedolls, I knew ANYTHING was possible in the vast world of pokemon collecting. But back to the dolls- I love throh's mitten hands and sawk's fists. adorable!

- - -

and now this guy. I don't actually collect gulpin but I couldn't resist some of its pokemon ime promotion items, especially this amazing plush!

the tag. The cookies and ice cream are a nice touch.

with his poison brethren!

with...EVERYONE!! (note: thats TEN plush stacked on top). I mostly prefer small plush so ofcourse gulpin is the largest in my collection.

and thats the end of today's update. thanks for looking guys! I hope my, as well as all of your collections grow tons more throughout the new year! 

ALSO: note to my buyers- everythings been shipped! most went out about a week ago but the rest went out today, so expect your items soon! 
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