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Let's monkey update!

Hello, all! 
Today I bring a collection update full or monkeys, with a dash of dragons and a pinch of pokedolls/canvas!

A little preview of one of the packages I've gotten since my last update. :D

Starting with the beautiful zukan of Pansage and Simisage. This makes me so excited for future non-flat simisage merch and well, monkey evo merch in general! Fingers crossed for pansear and panpour zukans in future sets. *c*

Misc Yanappu figures I've acquired. I love the parade figure's pose, but I think the pokeball figure is my favorite. XD So fun to play with!

All of my new pansage plush! <3 Two different DX banpresto plushies in the back In front from left to right we have: The mini mascot, ty beanie baby, and the puppet plush that randomly popped up at the pokecen one day! :D

New Pansear plush! I was shocked how perfect the DX plush is irl. ;_; It has to be my favorite proportionate plush, he's a perfect baoppu AND his details are embroidered all beautifully. :D 

Panpours to match my Pansears!! DX panpour is happiest panpour. <3

Can I just say how much I love banpresto lately? 

Simipour MPC!! Once again, banpresto is love. Can't wait for simisear and simisage in the coming releases! :D

Monkey retsuden magnets~!  All but blue background baoppu are new. I aim to get all the monkey magnets at some point!

Monkey battrio! SO MUCH CUTE.

I got the 2012 McDonalds calendar specifically for this beautiful monkey page. The calendar is now missing november, but w/e NO REGRETS. also a cafe cork board, but that's not really new. 8D

Since my collection has been growing, I've had to rearrange a bunch of things. So I thought I'd post some pics!

All the big plush and a cafe promo cookie jar go on top of my book case! 

My favorite shelf! Pansears and Panpours. <3 Pansear is seriously lacking in the figures department, but at least he catches up with panpour in terms of kid figures this month. :D  The baoppu MPC opposite of Simipour is my travel buddy and place holder for Simisear MPC which also comes out this month!!

Yanappu is kind of in a league of his own when it comes to merch, so he gets his own shelf! So much green. <3

Moving onto my few new Hax's! 

New figures. :D both from the amazing denkimouse! I tried to wait for the with-strap version of the pokecen figure strap, but I caved. Oh well, guess I'll just have an extra if/when that happens!

Other pokecen things! Whoever is in charge of their stationary sets must love haxorus! I'm not complaining though. :D

My Haxorus line collection! I hope to add some axew figures I have my eye on soon.

New additions to my pokedoll collection! 

And new canvas. :D Who can resist those nostalgic faces?? Not me. 

That's all! I probably forgot some things, so you can view individual pics of all my collections on my website :D 

Thanks for reading!

Tags: axew, bulbasaur, canvas, charmander, collection, cresselia, ducklett, panpour, pansage, pansear, pokecen, pokedolls, simipour, simisage, squirtle
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