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Sales! (Collection Weeding)

~I only accept Paypal
~You can make offers. Worst that can happen is I'll say no.
~U.S. buyers prefered
~Feedback: &

~Granted sales permission on 02/14/11 by dakajojo. ^^ 

Glaceon Clearfile: $12 SOLD

Tiny Mudkip: $1
Bootleg Cherrim and Cherubi: $0.50 each
Misdreavus Kid: $1
Pop-Tarts Charmander: $0.50

Combusken Hasbro figure: $1
Totodile Tomy: $3
Cute Mudkip Figure: $2
Squirtle Tomy (No Tail): $1
Drowzee Tomy: $2

Lapras Canvas (Hang tag detached, but I have it): $20
Zoroark Japanese release Pokedoll (hang tag detached): $35
Hasbro Plusle Beanie: $7.50
Hasbro Minun Beanie: $7.50  SOLD
Marill Change to Pokeboll mini-plush: $3

Talking Togepi (needs new batteries): $5

And now, it pains me to do this, but I have a grail I'm going after. So I am going to be taking offers on my BUTTERFREE POKEDOLL. (Has no hang tag, but does have tush tag.) It's really hard to find these anymore.

I will take offers until I get an offer I like. Please no offers under $40.

Thank you!

Tags: butterfree, charmander, combusken, drowzee, glaceon, lapras, marill, minun, misdreavus, mudkip, plusle, sales, squirtle, togepi, totodile, zoroark
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