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Overdue Collection Update ^_^

Oh my, its been so long since I've taken pictures of my full collection! When I first started out on LJ, I only collected Marill items and various plush. My collection was a sad sight to see:

After 1.5 years of collecting and adding a couple new merchandise collections along the way, I am now proud to present . . .

Well, first things first! In case you forgot, I'm godudette aka andrea! Marill has always been my favorite Pokemon and quickly became my main collection. After some very wonderful memories on another website, Cresselia became my second favorite. Only just this year did I decide that I also have a love for all things Darkrai. 

IRL, I'm a college student who will soon be certified for teaching English, Reading, and more to grades 7-12. I love teaching and I'm pretty sure that I'll display some of my Pokemon collection in my future classroom. I work around 35 hours per week (give or take a couple) to pay for everything! But yeah, that's boring, so here are some photos!

So here's where most of my collection resides- lots of plush stuffed into cube shelves! All those boxes and packages that you can barely see to the right are GA items that still need to be shipped out because they still need paid for holy cow I've never had this many outstanding payments XD.

You saw the "before picture" so now look at the current Marill stash! Although marill is my favorite, I do also like Azurill and Azumarill, too! If you look closely you can see a couple special items for each of them in my collection.

So, let's see: on the left side we have a custom sculpture from blackdog333, a talking Marill figure, lots of Marill Tomy figures, Minicots, Mini-figs, keychains... erm... two talking Marill plushies.... I like doubles. ^_^;; Can you tell?

The custom adorable keychain was from a trade with captainangel, the in-case figure was a surprise from caffwin, and I've had that Marill pencil ever since I found it at school ten or so years ago. <3

More doubles! Regular kids, clear kids, Azurill Tomy and pokedex figure, squishy Marill ball, Marill TFG, Azurill magnet, and random water tin that looks perfect with all the other blue on my top shelf. <3

CHARMSSSSSSSSS ohmygosh when I first joined the community, the Johto Marill/Azumarill charms were the only thing I wanted. I looked and looked for them and finally received them in a trade. Since then, I've added random metal Marill/Azumarill charms and colored charms. The Azumarill lenticulars were a surprise from jadekitty777 and you can see a couple extra pan stickers here, too! Most of the time I put them on my laptop but I've already added like six Marill pan stickers to it already- two more seemed like very excessive overkill. =]

And here is the pride and joy of my collection! My Marill pokedoll, aka Anja. She travels with me to all of my video game competitions and gets quite the attention for being such a cutie. 

The tiny Marill plush to the right may seem like something that isn't on PPP, but after looking really really closely you can see that its just the tiny mascot taken off of the Lapras/Marill duo plush. I'm actually kind of happy that she came without her Lapras! She's such a cutie all by herself.

And yes, that is one of those creepy bootleg plush that were circulating on ebay. I named him Miles. ^_^;

My Darkrai collection! The newest addition is the beautiful Japanese pokedoll. I was very happy to get the Sugimori clearfile with Darkrai in the center. Once again, you can see my fascination with doubles- look at all those kids!

Here's a better picture of the figures on the left... and a BEAUTIFUL Pokecenter charm that I didn't even know existed! I won it in a GA along with the Darkrai bottlecap. I can't wait for the 2011 charm to be released- perhaps it will be a new design. ^_^

And here are my Cresselias. Honestly, between you and me, I'm pretty sure the reason I have nightmares every night is because my Darkrai merch outnumbers the Cressies. :< Not pictured, but I am so excited to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY receive a Cresselia pokedoll! It is currently on the way to me from cyritic. =]

Anyways, one of my most-wanted items randomly popped up for sale on the comm recently! I got the Cresselia Deckbox and that Japanese pencil board together in one package. If I start playing TCG as actively as VGC, I'll be sure to use my deckbox for every tournament. 

You may have asked why I have a random Ultra Ball sitting with my Cresselias... that's because it lights up with a beautiful picture! It's hard to photograph but is really amazing in a dark room when you can put a four foot image on the ceiling. 

Here's a picture of the back of the deckbox! Is it not ten times cooler now? There is even that lovely Darkrai art in the bottom corner. 

Here is a mini-collection I started- Arceus UFOs. Not sure why but I like the idea of getting a bunch of the same plushie in a different color- I think it has something to do with my overall fascination of doubles in my collection. 

And this ends the specific Pokemon collections! We will now progress onto my random piles of plush- can you spot all 20 Pokedolls?

Highlights in this cube include my Zoroark Japanese pokedoll signed by Junichi Masuda and my boyfriend's Sneasel and Weavile plushies that came over for the photoshoot.

Charizard aka Lee is also my boyfriend's plush! It is his favorite and is the other travel buddy when we go to Video Game Championship events. We've decided that he's pretty awesome at being a good luck charm and there have been multiple times were other competitors have tried to take him! O_O

Rayquaza aka Rizzo was my very first Pokedoll... a one dollar flea market find. He is one of the other elite few plush that have been given a name in my collection. =)

Piplup was my first pokemon plushie- my boyfriend won him at the fair for me on our very first date. Riolu, Lucario, and other Riolu are all from his collection, too. 

After months of searching, I finally got my Mewtwo plushie! I swear, if he had a pokedoll, it would be SO SIMILAR to this plush. roxiexcore was such a sweetie for selling it to me earlier this year. =)

And here are all the Pokedolls! Could you find all 20 hidden in the cube shelves? 





My pokedoll charm collection! Guys, I could never have gotten this far without you all. Almost all the charms have come from the community and I'm so greatful to own each and every one- they all come with a different story and I'm reminded of that every time I wear one on a necklace to college classes each day. (Can i just say that I love that I have enough colors to complement all my outfits?) I've successfully collected 37% of all the charms released- 19/52!

So yes, if you've seen my collection site you know that Pokedoll Charms are my last main collection. ^_^ I love the chibi charms that I can always wear as jewelry. I'd have to say Charizard and Groudon are pretty much my favorites. Have you noticed something interesting about the Charizard charm, though?

It's actually a DX charm! The four charm set of Charizard, Salamence, Rayquaza, and Mewtwo released in the US Pokemon Center was actually DX sized- this is cool news for Rayquaza collectors because it means that you have two different pokedoll charms to search for. ;) I have the regular sized Japanese release that came with Kyogre/Groudon/Master Ball. You'll be able to tell the difference between them by looking (or asking about) the back of the charms.

And this is just super nifty... I have 7 matching Pokedolls and charms! It spurred a new desire for me to try and collect all the pokedolls possible to pair them with their charm. =] 

A couple more pictures of things I forgot to include! I know you already saw a Cressy UFO but... confession: I have two. XD I bought the Lotto purse to keep my DS in for tournaments (so I don't have to actually carry it; just put it over my shoulder) and you can also see my normal DS case from Worlds 2010. 

Oh, and if you've ever gotten a package from me, you've probably got it with a Marill stamped note inside! (Sometimes I forget to put them in before I tape packages shut, though... I'm sorry!!!!) But yes, I had a custom stamp made from someone on the community and I use it ALL THE TIME. Honestly, look at all the wear and tear its received since February last year- I do plan on using it when I grade papers in my future classroom hehehehehehe. If the original artist could please step forward I would love to thank you again. <3

And that's it for my overdue collection update! Thanks if you've followed along the entire way. =) It's been a great 1.5 years here and I hope to stay for a much longer time. ^_^

Random reminders that I should definitely include:

If you are participating in the Secret Valentine exchange, you all have been contacted by your host (as of last week) and have been assigned your Valentine. You are now down to three weeks to shop for and send out your gifts! Contact your host asap with any problems. =)

poptartdino quackamajackers sugar0coated - I still need your final payments for Dat Bulba GA!

acidtowatta Jonathan Resendiz (Facebook account) lunadell meguroco samurwatt umbreongirl - I still need your final payments for the Pile of Plush GA!

Thanks for reading! =]

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