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My lizard needs a new tank auction!!

Wow, it has been forever since I last posted. Sadly, I have slowed down in building my collection thanks to finances being tight but I have not given up on collecting Pokemon 100%. Though, today's post is not a collection update I'm afraid. Don't worry, I will have one of those soon, I am just waiting on a certain purple kitteh Zukan to reach me first...;)

To the point of the post, my male brown basilisk, Sage has grown way faster then I expected since I feed him so well! So, that means I need to get him a new enclosure which costs money. In order to raise a little money, I decided to put some plush up for auction here to the community!

Sales Permission & Feedback:

I was Grandfathered in and I have been a member of this community for over 4 years now!

Here is a link to my spiffy feedback:

The Auction House Rules, Shipping & Payment:

Serious bidders ONLY!

The auction begins today, Saturday 1/28 and will end Saturday 2/04 at 2pm EST.

Here is a clock:

Though it is in military time which means the auction will end at 14:00!

When bidding, please place your bid in the appropriate thread! If someone else has a bid then please reply to their comment! Keep your bids in increments of $1.00, thanks...:3

No sniping! If it gets down to the wire and a new bid is place, I will extend the auction by 10 minutes, this is only fair...

 Auction prices DO NOT include shipping or fees! I am in the US...Shipping prices do not include insurance or tracking, these services cost extra and I am willing to include them at the buyers request.

As for payment, I take Paypal, Money Orders, Checks & Cash (AT SENDERS RISK!). Sorry, but I am not open to trades at this time!

Normally, all paid items will be shipped out on Wednesday of each week, for I rely on someone else for transportation! All items come from a smoke free, but pet friendly environment. I have 2 cats and their hair has a mind of its own! I try my best to clean all items and packages of cat hair, but if your package still comes with some, think of it as a free gift from Jaden and Jiraiya! XD

The Auction Block:

Big Mew Walky Plush!

Starting Bid - $25.00
Buy It Now - $35.00

Mew is in great shape and only missing the hang tag!!

1999 Banpresto UFO Zapdos!

Starting Bid - $22.00
Buy It Now - $35.00

Zapdos is in great shape and has both tags!! Please note, the hang tag does have creases in it!


Kawaii Nuigurumi UFO Dragonite!

Starting Bid - $25.00

This cutie is in excellent condition but missing both hang and tush tag sadly!

2008 Banpresto UFO Cresselia!

Starting Bid - $20.00
Buy It Now - $35.00

Cresselia is in great shape and has both tags!!


Banpresto UFO Smiling Torchic!

Starting Bid - $20.00
Buy It Now - $40.00

This adorable little fire chicken sits at about 11 inches tall is mint but missing both tags! I have no clue what fabric the plush is made of, but it is so soft!!


2005 Banpresto UFO Skitty!

Starting Bid - $20.00
Buy It Now - $35.00

Skitty is in great shape and only missing the hang tag!!

Shaking Skymin "Squirmin" Plush!

Starting Bid - $15.00
Buy It Now - $25.00

Squirmin is mint, has both tags and still works!


2007 Banpresto UFO DX Darkrai!

Starting Bid - $25.00

Darkrai is mint but only has the tush tag! While holding him up, Darkrai is about 18 inches tall!

Japanese Fuzzy Tomy Psyduck!

Starting Bid - $10.00
Buy It Now - $20.00*

Psyduck's tush tag has discoloring but other then that he is in great shape!

Use BIN and I will throw in a bonus Banpresto Psyduck plush! That is right, all you will have to do is pay shipping! Have some pics:

The overall plush itself is in decent condition. The tush tag is faded and tattered around the edges. The plastic eyes on Psyduck have some scratches. Here is a size comparison pic*:

*Purugly kids figure is for size reference only and not for sale!

I wish I could give you more info about the Banpresto Psyduck, but I can't find any! I did find a similar plush over at the Pokemon Plush Project site:

Though, it looks to be made of a different material! The Tomy Psyduck sits about 5 inches tall and the Banpresto one is roughly 6 1/2 inches tall!

Mystery Lugia Plush!

Starting Bid - $20.00

Mr. Mystery Lugia, he is a little loved and nothing seems to really be known about him other then he stands roughly 11 inches tall! Is he official or a custom?! Possibly a mirage plush?! We may never known and the only one who could clue us in is Lugia himself and he is not talking! Here are more pics:

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