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Holy Grail+Collection Update

Oh, whats this?
Another epic collection update of epicness courtesy of SlothyShroom.... there will be pokedolls, amazing customs, weasels, my charms, Emonga's and featuring a very special holy grail

But first, I should introduce you all to my new weasel who will be helping me with my packages this evening....
This is my new custom Mienshao pokedoll!
She is 5 inches tall, hand sewn and made of minky. She was sewn by me! It is a little gift to myself for making four plush last month and I haven't made anything for myself in a very long time. I am very happy with her and hope to someday have a shiny counterpart to accompany her. 


She has some embroidery features including a cute little frown under her pointed nose.

And little paws underneath her little fur flaps. 

My two little Mien's together. ;3; My babies.....

And almost all my special pokemon customs to date, the other three made by the brilliant, Usakochan. And when I say almost, I have one other custom that has finally reached her new home!

This is my custom "sitting' Mienshao Plush, made my the ever so awesome Akeyma! <3 <3 <3  She has outdone herself with this one. It is made of fleece and the embroidery machine detail is top notch! I love my Mienshao's smiley face! And how her ears bend and cast a shadow inside of them. Her circle patterns on her head are just beyond perfect. She is just so unique!


She gave me permission to give her white little claws and paw embroidery. Which can be seen under her fur flaps. ;3; Thank you so much, Akeyma! I'm so glad I won her! She is a gem! Thank you thank you! <3 <3 <3

My two Mienshao customs to date! I'm hoping to get more in the future! I just love how they both have such personality. One's pouty while the other is smirking in delight. <3

And here is my Mienshao collection with its new additions!
More! I demand more!!!

I also gotten my box from Denkimouse today! Lets show them what we got, Miens!

My charms and Emolga goodies. (Plus a Pokemon Time Charm for my friends B-Day)

Here is my Wave 1 and 2 charm sets! No golden ticket here though. :[ But who cares!? Look at these beauties! You guys have NO idea how excited I was for this wave. 0-0

Just.....beautiful......my first piece of Pokemon center Shroom items ever.....sniff....this is a glorious day. My shrooms haven't gotten anything new in years! It's so nice to see them get something as cool as these. ;3;

sgdgkjsdg;kasjg;lsdjg;lsdkgjsd;g......Ditto for these guys.....Oh man, no words. My precious babies....they FINALLY gotten Pokecen goods. This will truly be a day to remember. Just look how cute their art is! And they're so detailed for being so small! I still can't believe they have brand new merch.....who knows when they'll get more....I'm just going to joy the crap out of these till then. 

I of course got extra's of my favorite lines. :DDDD The sloths are going to be used for a necklace.

The Breloom charm is now on my SlothyShroom based purple 3DS. I had no idea there was a charm hole on it until I recently went to a Nintendo event. I'm so glad I can display my Breloom charm with my 3DS! It looks so good together with the purple and greens!

My other lovelies. Absol has wonderful artwork and its such a nice pose.

Bwhahahaha, I scored so hard with this wave! I never gotten any of these from the Johto promotion but luckily all their new charms are the EXACT same as the older set. So now I don't have to find the Johto sets of these guys. ;3; The Jumpluff line was one of them.

Same poses for this line as well. Oh man, I'm SO happy about that. I remember bid-waring on just a Sentret Johto charm and it went to the $20's but I lost. Good thing I did because now I have these babies! Agh! They're both so cute! Sentret is so tiny. ;3;

Same goes with Sneasel, she was on ebay and I lost it but again, its the same pose as the Johto so now I have it! Hehehehe. And Weavile looks sooooo cool. He's such a nice charm.

And these guys were an impulse buy. I'm really loving these guys more and more. Especially since I'm starting to collect more of Norman's team....so that's probably why I decided to get these. But it was totally worth it despite the fact I don't collect them! Just look how adorable Zigzagoon looks and I LOVE Linoone so, so much. That pose=win.

These guys are the only one's I have to re-get. Curse you Golbat for having a different charm! DX His feeties are up on his Johto charm. But at long last I have my beloved Crobat. He is gorgeous. 

Johto Raichu was the first charm set I've ever gotten. I was SO happy that Raichu wasn't a repeat and that he gotten his DW art. I LOVE the heck out of that art. None of them are duplicates actually. Which is awesome since it was a set I actually had owned XD

Lugia has a different pose! Which is amazing since I recently won a Johto Lugia charm a bit before they came out. XD So lucky.

Here they are together. They are both such great poses.  :D I have all the Lugia Pokecen charms now, including this one:

The limited Silver version of the charm! Yay!

Gin, was kind enough to grab this keychain for me! :D Its an Emolga keychain that somehow gets rid of static. So no more touching doorknobs only to get shocked or have someone touch me after walking around on a shag carpet in their socks. Such a fun item and really cute packaging!

The all new Shaky Dancing Emolga! Again, the box is nice and its great that I can still keep the box in good condition when taking the plush out of it.

It is very cute and moves side to side when I rock out to my music! It will sit on my desk so it may groove with me when I work! He is a very skinny and long looking Emonga and I'm not too fond of the fabric choice but it is still pretty adorable. I love electronic plush! I'm glad Emonga had the luck to get one of these.

Gin, you are amazing for picking one of these up for me. After viewing your video I knew I had to get my hands on one! He is surprisingly big! Probably the biggest Monga figure in my collection! And I love controlling him! Its so cute how it moves up and down as it runs. He's a little chub but that's what makes him so unique. 

s;agjkdlskjgdlskjgsdlkg-This is the first washcloth I've ever purchased. It is way bigger than I expected but and has two of my BW team members on it. Emolga being the biggest focus. X3 The little electric bolts just pop and I'm really grateful Gin could find me one. <3

I rearranged my collection shelf due to the new arrivals. Minus 1:1 since he sits next to my bed. Emolga is taking over the whole shelf! I'm running out of room.

And a question for anyone who collects these guys or any other white colored Pokemon. White can easily get dirty and even though I take extremely good care of my Monga's my MPC's look a little dirty from the dust it gathers from my shelf. D:
What do you guys do to make sure white plush don't get dirty/yellowed from dust?
I want to display them but not if they'll yellow. What do you guys do for your white pokeys?

Oh hey, Mienshao. We totally forgot about that box from the top of my post....well I didn't forget, I was just saving it for last since it is a very special holy-grail......wanna see, Mienshao?




That's right, Slaking icon. <3 <3 <3

Indeed it is!


I can't believe I FINALLY have this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous......*sniff sniff* This has been on the top of my want list since I started collecting here on the community. And that was 4 years ago! I had a feeling I'd never get it. I've seen some on ebay and Y!J but I didn't want to buy him in a set with Ho-oh. It was just.....way too much to spend on paypal. I was waiting for someone here to auction/sell him off alone. And that finally came! Miss_fuu_chan posted her auction up for this beauty on my BIRTHDAY. It was truly a sign. He is perhaps one of my rarest and most expensive piece of merch in my collections. And totally worth it! gjksdgj;sdlgjs;gjd;skgj;dsgjsd;kgjs;

Just look at the detail on this figure! I can't stop touching him. He feels just like any other Zukan piece. You all know the feeling of zukans, you all know what I mean. He is simply, stunning! Every aspect of this figure is amazing in quality! Look how sharp that beak is!

Just look at his back spikes! They are all the perfect size and the wings!!!! ;3;

He was my last major Holy-Grail I needed and started with when I joined here. He was definitely worth the long hunt! And what a hunt it was and such a bidwar! Now I FINALLY have my team in zukan form! I wanted Lugia to have his "In scale" zukan piece. The movie Zukan could not cut it for me but it did hold me over for all these years. Hehe. I still can't believe I have it! I collect Lugia but not in such a hardcore state as others here on the comm. I'm very pleased to have such a rare item in my beast of the sea collection. It feels so good to finally celebrate my new majestic white beast! You guys cannot see how big the smile on my face is and I'm literally dancing like this right now:

Yes, uh, yeah, uh, uh! Lugia, yeah! Strut, yeah, uh, uh! Finally! Uh, yeah!

And here are three of my team members together at long last. Look at the size comparison to Lugia!!! 
"Onward to adventure!"-Breloom

Thanks for checking out my collection update, I'm not sure how I'd be able to top it next time. So it might take me awhile until I update. But be sure to look out for more custom plush auctions from me this February! And I've updated my collection website with all my new gets and a new tab for Norman+May and Dewott+Samurott! :D Check it out here!


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