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Quick Ralts Line Charm GB!

Hey everyone! I really need the Gallade charm for my fighting type charm collection! I have all fighting type charms from wave 1 & 2 besides Gallade! Since i didnt manage to get a Ralts line... And i really don't need the others!

So! Ralts, Kirlia & Gardevoir are up for grabs! 

There will be a single payment of $9.34..Which covers Fees & shipping! I'll be shipping to you for free =) i know this may seem expensive to some, but these charms are already selling @ the higher rates.. and they're sold out at the Pokemon Centres.. (Hence why i missed out on a pick up) 

Sales Permission was given on 03/10/2011 by denkimouse
Feedback thread: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/spideyroxas/


Ralts: irethsune
Kirlia: nasija
Gardevoir: schenzi
Gallade: spideyroxas

Comment below if you want any! (You can claim more than one!) once all 4 are claimed i'll purchase the lot.. but if not all are claimed i can't afford to buy the rest myself.. so it'll be disbanded.. (So if thats the case in the end, anyone have a Gallade i can buy?) 

Tags: gallade, gardevoir, group auction, kirlia, ralts
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