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Another stamp GB + Long lost siblings?

Well herro there....another post after two days X'D
For the people of the other GB of stamps and also from my sales, all packages were sent out either yesterday or today! Only one more that I need to send this week! <3

I am doing another stamps Group Buy!

- This time, each of these will be 2.67$ for each of these! I am claiming the Serperior stamp, Scrafty stamp and the ink pad with starters!
- There will be two payments again! Prices + shipping to me and then only shipping from me to you! :D
- If it happens that we might not get enough claims, I am always willing to claim some of the rest like last time!
ALL CLAIMED! Thank you guys! :D


Zekrom -  hebilea
Reshiram -  shirohikarikaze
Kyurem -  nasija
Reshi/Zekky ink pad -  shirohikarikaze
Final evo starters ink pad -  hebilea
Zoroark -  zoroarcade
Zebstrika -  wutastic
Pikachu -  shirohikarikaze
Victini -  victinimad
Emboar -  pantherotter
Krookodile -  nasija
Bisharp -  wutastic
Serperior -  hebilea
Scrafty -  hebilea
Samurott -  pantherotter

And now..I have gotten a very special package today....or in fact two. Before I tell you, let me tell you this small story:

This a very cute ACEO art I have gotten as a Christmas present (if I remember correctly) from  shinygolurk! I have pretty much thought that these must be siblings...a big brother and a little sister.  karoia told me that it's what it was meant to be of course! So what did happen?

THIS!!!! I have gotten a surprise package from  dragonrider49, with the shiny Charmander mirage (?) plushie!!!! AREN'T THEY SO ADORABLE????? ;_________; <33333333
Their derpy teeth shows it!!! :P
shinygolurk, THEY ARE REAL!!!! ;____; 
........I love derpy plushies. The end. They really make me happy and giggle sometimes! <33

And the second package I got!

I got the package I was expecting from roxiexcore, and I was expecting this beautiful Ken Sugimori mug with Gold on it! No, it was not from the 2011 release, but this one is an old mug from 2002! So beautiful, I am so happy to get another thing to my Gold collection! <333

Here is the bottom, so you can see! :D

This little guy was such a surprise! I never though I would ever own a Charmander bell plush, let alone a MIB one!!! Just look how tiny and cute he is!!! ;_____;
I could have gotten this guy ONLY thanks to  dragonrider49 and [info]roxiexcore!!! Thank you so very much guys, your'e the best!!! <3333

Thank you for reading as always! Should be my last post for a while hopefully, haha!
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