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Hi everyone, most of you probably don't know me or remember me T.T however even though I don't post and comment like I used to I'm always lurking (kekeke.) I'm definitely going to be a bit more active since Keldeo merch is starting to emerge and I wanna collect him! (Not Lati stuff lately :c)

Anyway I'll re-introduce myself later! It's nearly Spring and it's time to clean up and sell some merch I have laying around! All info under the cut!

-I've received sales permission sometime in '09 I think!
-I ship internationally (my location is the USA)
-Items will be shipped within 3 days after payment
-I am NOT responsible for lost packages
-Prices do not include shipping and paypal fees
-First come first serve! However if you express interest but do not get back to be within 24 hours, the next person interested will get it
-I will haggle but please be reasonable!
-Wanna trade? I only trade for Lati items c:

Banpresto Chikorita MWT-$10

My camera refused to focus ;A; Buneary line zukan-$3

MIP Chikorita line zukan- $5

Trading Figures! Eevee is missing part of it's base.

eevee: $3
absol: $5
murkrow: $2
machop: $1
mudkip: $3

Psyduck giant TOMY-just please take it away $2

Pokemon Center notebook $5

Pichu tissue holder (a little dusty but I will clean it before shipping!), it comes with pokemon themed tissues inside that have images of Vulpix, Eevee, Espeon, and others on it! $4

Chiko line keychain (it's really pretty irl)-$5

Mareep line zukan- $5

Chikorita mascot figure-$3
Spare Meganium zukan piece- $1
Chikorita pencil topper- $2

Snorlax TOMY- .50 cents
Munchlax coin purse thing- .50 cents

Cynda line zukan, quilava is missing a peg $4

Misdreavus line zukan- $3

Swinub line zukan- $2

Giratina and Shaymin DS case- $5

Various TCG, make an offer

$1 each

.50 cents each!

Thanks everyone! I'll be making an update soon :)
Tags: absol, chikorita, eevee, giratina, machop, misdreavus, mismagius, mudkip, munchlax, pichu, sales, shaymin, swinub
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