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Eeeeeeee!!! So happy!!

So ever since I joined the community, one plush has always been high on my wants list! And it's finally happened!!! My baby is in my hands now!!! And it's all thanks to cyritic <3333 Thankyou so so so much!!! Aaaahhhh I really am truly happy to have the fluffy little guy in my arms! Look at his adorable wittle face!!


I couldn't stop smiling as I was opening up the package! Hehe!!! X3

And seeing as I'm here I thought I'd do a bit of an update on how my collection is coming along!
I can definitely say that ever since I properly started collecting whilst on the community, it has definitely opened my eyes as to who my favourite pokemon are and who I should collect ^^

Seeing as I've already shown the little fur ball off I'll start with one of my main collections:

Joltik and Galvantula


So much yellow!! X3 I love everything so far and cannot wait till Joltik's MPC comes out!!!
Though this is only half of these guys merch as I'm still missing Galvantula's kid, attack kid and clipping figure and that adorable little stamp of Joltik!! Hopefully I can get those soon~
Joltik found his own perfect little home as soon as he arrived XD


Next we have...

Cyndaquil Line!!!

Before B&W ever came out, Typhlosion was my top favourite Pokemon! And still is, just joint with Joltik of course now =D In truth I was a little hesitant to start collecting them at first as I knew they were quiet popular and thought it would be way too hard to get their merch. But I realised thats how everyone has to start out sometime or another! So I decided to take it slowly with them and try as hard as I can to make my collection grow even more with them!


Not much, but I still love every piece!!! <33 The charms are gorgeous and the Canvas is so soft!!
The zukan actually came today too which made me even more happy!!! I've been wanting this awesome figure for such a long time!!!

Deino and Zweilous


Not much to look at at the moment, but it will grow!!! I'm not much of a huge fan of Hydreigon so his merch will probably be little here! But I do have Deino's kid on the way and soon enough Zweilous' MPC!!! xD

Next up is my side collections that I've decided to collect~

Growlithe and Arcanine


These guys have been my favourites since I was a child with the original 151!!! So as I still love Aracanine to bits, I decided to show them my love by making them a side collection~

Larvesta and Volcarona


Such a gorgeous looking moth <33 I actually love bugs in real love and when I saw that my two favourite types were merged with bug types I got so happy!!! Especially since I adore their designs!!! The charms make these guys look beautiful!!

Stunky and Skuntank


I absolutely love skunks! So I wanted to give some love to them in Pokemon form too!! And a huge thanks to punkspacewafers , I was able to do just that!!! Thankyou so much!!
Charms are from Gin of course, which are awesome!! The funny little Skuntank bootie holds Stunky upright xD



I can't remember when the love for this guy grew, but I absolutely love him! Luckily he doesn't have much merch so he's easy to keep as a side collection! The canvas is really gorgeous in real life! So glad I got him a long with Growlithe at the same time <3
Just wish he had a kid or something ><
Does anyone know if he has a Tomy or not? I know there's two other plush and a clearfile, but that's it =[

I have a few other favourite pokemon, so to show my love for them I'm gonna get a few bits of merch here and there to show that! Those include: Buizel/Floatzel, Lucario (Might make him a side though as I love his merch), Jolteon, Luxray and Litwick. Though Litwick might get more Chandelure merch as I want to start a Subway Masters collection xD And possibly some N on the side...

And to send you off I'll show you my current display of my ever growing collection~


Pretty much everything I've shown here is new!!! =D It's also from only half the packages I've been waiting for but hopefully they too will soon arrive!!

Thankyou so much for reading all that text if you did <3 And I'm so glad I joined this community as I've met so many wonderful people already!!

Quick question before I do go though: I was thinking of changing my name as if you say the current one out loud it don't always sound nice.... >< So would you guys mind if I changed it? And does it automaticaly change on the feedback site or would another thread be made? I'm not always great at coming up with usernames so I don't think I'll change it too soon =]
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