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Some new sides probably + reminder + question

New side collections probably....because it's hard for me to resist so many Generation 5 Pokemon. It has now become my second favorite out of all Gens (Gen 1 being the first out of nostalgia). 

I think I own most of the interesting merchandise of the Joltik line...except the charms, which I will get later from killmeneko! Can't wait to get them! <3333
I really love spiders irl, I think they are really amazing, even though I have a phobia of them. Am I weird for saying that?
My beautiful Galvantulas were some presents from lady_lara (or well, a trade as well!), thank you so much dear! <3333

I tried to resist Scrafty so hard, but couldn't. Since I have a female Scrafty on my Black team, and is probably my strongest out of my team, she has grown very much on me. And I really LOVE the design! So I have just recently started...and Scraggy MIGHT be added too T___T
I got these beatiful items from wonderful people like godudette,lady_lara, and dragonrider49

Say hello to my Zweilous MPC called Paul and Ringo. Beatles dinos. I think there is enough said why haha XD
Nothing much here, but I will get some great merch like the charms, some cards, kids and so on! <3

Quick reminder!

There are three people who still have not paid for the shipping, please do so asap, so I can ship your stamps out :)
More info here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11644925.html

Now to my QUESTION: What does MAIN COLLECTION mean to you? What does SIDE COLLECTION mean? Does it depend on the quantity of merchandise you own? Or maybe how much you love a certain a Pokemon? (some Pokes you love more, some you love less that you like to collect)

I am not sure if there are certain rules to it, I guess it depends on the people? As for me, main collection means to me that I try to own as much merchandise of a certain Pokemon (that is Charmander, Mantyke line, Snivy line and Gold/Hibiki for me) that I love the most and would not abandon them for a long time, including plushies, figures, flats etc. Side collection means to me that I love a certain Pokemon, but do not have to own every merchandise, just get the most interesting ones (Riolu, Wynaut, Joltik line, Scrafty, Deino line, Ash and other humans, etc). Hope I make sense! 

I would love to hear your opinions on that! Thanks for reading! :D
Tags: deino, galvantula, hydreigon, joltik, payments, scrafty, scraggy, zweilous
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