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Some non-Nidoran wants

So I was sorting through my box of Pokemon stuff that I've collected so far, finally arranging them onto shelves when I noticed I had absolutely no merchindise of my favorite legendary, Cresselia. Not even a single figure-what a tragedy! So I figure it's time to ask the community to sell me some. >.<
Mainly looking for the two known existing plush of her (Pokedoll & UFO) and Zukan. However, I'll most likely be looking towards other stuff as well. With the exception of charms, I'm not really going to be looking for flats.

Onto my other wants, Frillish and Jellicent! 
What I have so far or are on the way:
male Frillish domino piece
male & female tiny Jellicent puffy stickers
female Jellicent Dot Sprite pin
Pokemon Center 2012 Jellicent Frillish Set of 4 Charms
male Jellicent kid
What I need:
male Jellicent MPC plush
male Frillish kid
male Jellicent Dot Sprite pin (was on other list but haven't bought it yet)
everything else! What's out there?
(btw, not looking for TCG or flat-flat stickers)
Tags: cresselia, frillish, jellicent, wanted
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