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Not your typical charm update!

Why, hello my lovely collectors! I received some charms in the mail so I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and share them with you! But hang on . . . 

FABULOUS BEAUTIFUL AMAZING 2003 POKEDOLL CHARMS! I never dreamed I would ever have pokedoll charms that came from one of the earliest and rarest sets! Look at how teeny tiny Wynaut is, even compared to his fellow charms. <3 Thank you roxiexcore!

It was so hard to capture this, but the two Pikachu charms I have are slightly different! The one on the left is the 2005 Mew/Meowth release and the left one from 2003 came with Wynaut and Wailmer. If you look very verrryyyy closely you can see that 2003 Pika actually is outlined in golden/brown instead of silver. The ears and eyes aren't even black! 

2003 on the left, 2005 on the right. (In case anyone is actually curious lol. Probably just me.

All my pokedoll charms AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love them so much!

Lucario is for my boyfriend and Riolu is for hebilea

The old Darkrai charm and the new one are the same pose, but look at that size difference!

Sooooo beautiful! Look at this fabulous pose Cresselia got! Slightly different from her normal stock photos. <3

I realized I've never actually shared all my pan stickers with the community, so here are some quick shots of how I use them. ^_^ 

Rill's go on the right side!

Cressy and Darkrai on the left!

And a whole bunch of others on the front! 

I know I have a couple more Darkrai and Cressies on my DSs that I cannot locate atm but what do you guys do with your pan stickers?

So that's all I have to share today. Not much, but a very defining moment for my collection. Thanks for reading and I love to read your comments!

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I do have quite a bit of stuff left over from my last sales post. Help me get rid of some before my next noppin box comes in. :D 
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