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its a wonderful day for charms!

Hello everyone! Its indiana Matt here and i am hosting this post since dragonrider is busy with her work and studies. ( Since I am like prince charm-ing!) I hear that there is a new craze sweeping the pkmncollectors comm these day- charms!! dragonrider49 has been waiting to get all her charms before posting them. So without furher ado i present to you.....

dragonrider49 CHARM POST!

you guys all know one of dragonriders faverite pokemon from red is dragonite right so lets start with Dragons charms modelled here by Frisby the dragonite canvas. </a>


next up rex the flygon is showing off the flygon set.


close up.

showing off the salamence line is... FIREDRAKE!

next since gible has no plushies a ittle gible is showing off the gible set!

Axel the axew is modelling the axew set!

Orochi the hydreigon is showing the wonderful deino set

and finally ... druddgion!

finally firebolt shows off the char set- yes dragonrider has shown it off before

there was somthing else in the packet as well- ok not a golden ticket but close enough

you may remember the fact that one clearfile vanished when the last 4 were picked up. togther at last!
many thanks to denkimouse for picking up the replacement!

the full set!

A special thanks to mamoswine and denkimouse for picking up all the charms

this is indiana matt signing off! Thank you pokefriends!
Tags: axew, bagon, charizard, charmander, charmeleon, charms, deino, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, druddigon, flygon, fraxure, gabite, garchomp, gible, haxorous, hydreigon, salamence, shieldon, vibrava, zweilous
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