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It's been a little while, collection update!

Haha the metal figures have slowed down a lot, 
so this will be my last post for a couple months X)
BUT! 53 left until I have all of the original 151 :)

SUPER GRAIL IN HERE!!! (not this guy lol)

and..and..and...AND!!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGLERRRRRRRRRRR!!!! GOOD LORD! One of my FAVORITE Pokemon of all time!!!

(Lol Dexter wanted to be in this picture)

(Haha I had even MORE but I used some making a keychain for my sister to go on her keys X))

As always, if metal figures for sale, let me know, blah blah blah lol

[List of the pokemon I have left to get! (This is a dropdown not a cut! ;)]

1. Bulbasaur

3. Venusaur

16. Pidgey

19. Rattata

21. Spearow

26. Raichu

30. Nidorina

31. Nidoqueen

32. Nidoran (Male)

33. Nidorino

34. Nidoking

37. Vulpix

38. Ninetails

41. Zubat

44. Gloom

45. Vileplume

46. Paras

50. Diglett

52. Meowth

53. Persian

55. Golduck

57. Primeape

58. Growlithe

59. Arcanine

62. Poliwrath

64. Kadabra

65. Alakazam

69. Bellsprout

72. Tentacool

73. Tentacruel

77. Ponyta

78. Rapidash

80. Slowbro

84. Doduo

85. Dodrio

87. Dewgong

104. Cubone

111. Rhyhorn

122. Mr. Mime

123. Scyther

126. Magmar

128. Tauros

130. Gyarados

131. Lapras

134. Vaporeon

135. Flareon

136. Jolteon

138. Omanyte

139. Omastar

141. Kabutops

144. Articuno

145. Zapdos

148. Dragonair

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