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Uh oh

Yeah I haven't posted for a long time, so decided to throw in a collection update.
This post is going to be quite image heavy.

First off new additions for my Dialga collection, I also got awesome painting for Secret Valentines, but unfortunately forgot to take a photo of it. I will put it up somewhere tho, it's really cute. <3

Here's my new Dialga figures: Anniversary Zukan, normal Zukan (missing his neck piece unfortunately, I won it from a GA and I wasn't notified about it before the package was sent to me), Chou Get, Clear TOMY figure (my favorite Dialga item) and DX Kid which was part of my SV gift, thank you so much!

Some flat items: two scanner cards (I have no idea where they are from), very small and cute triangle ruler with Dialga and co. and two very small stickers featuring Dialga.
I love the ruler, I got two other rulers with it too, but they don't have any Pokemon I collect on them. They were very cute tho.

Misc items: Retsuden stamp I got forever ago and the new 2012 Pokemon Center Dex charm. I managed to snag extra charm from eBay for $1! It's the out of package one. I love the charms so much, I'm hoarding them like crazy... I mean I've gotten so many charms of Pokemon I don't even like much or don't collect or anything.

Next I have some little updates for my water monkey collection:

Japanese Pokemon Center Panpour plush. It's incredibly soft, I want to get the USA version too... And maybe on extra so I can cuddle with it without worrying it getting used look or anything! This is probably my favorite plush ever.

2012 Pokemon Center dex charms and Pokemon Center phonestrap. I love the pose on Panpour. I might get one extra set so I can wear the Panpour.

Last but not least, some flat items: Korean super shiny sticker with Panpour and super cute elemental monkey band-aid. I seriously love that band-aid to DEATH. Toooooo cute.

My owl collection got bit larger too since last time:

Two Hoothoot figures, I'm not sure what the first one is but the second one is Gashapon figure, made out or soft rubber like material. It's like kid figure but way smaller!

My only Noctowl plush. I'm not sure who made this, since I didn't buy this from the maker. If anyone knows, let me know!
I love the fabric on his wings, it's so soft.

And updating my mini Carnivine collection:

Jakks figure and 2012 Pokemon Center dex charm. I love the charm so much, I might need to get extra of that too. >u<

And little update on my Applause collection too:

Poliwag and Squirtle arrived safetly after 5 months of waiting. I love Squirtles shiny belly.

Also all the stuff I have sold has been shipped, well last week I shipped one last package. So I shouldn't have any stuff in my hands anymore. Just letting people know.

Thanks and see ya later.

Tags: carnivine, collection, dialga, hoothoot, noctowl, panpour
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