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long time no updated + GA help

Hi there, it's been a while I don't make any update post. My last one was for my whiscash pokemon center plush, and since I can't really remind what I get. So I put together on my desk few collections of mine, the mains and some other little ones. I shouldn't forget to make updates next time x).

I'm currently waiting for some items, like a treecko pokedoll, a 2009 turtwig canvas with tag, and other smaller thingy.

Preview of my epic birthday get :

Yes, as you can see, I received a Rampardos skeleton XD

Before my birthday Raikou-chan and my were sharing for a noppin parcel, I was just bought a Zweilous MPC and a lot of Turtwig, Rampardos, Zorua and Zoroark MC+ (it was made for me with only the pokemon I love XD)
She bought some other items for my coming birthday, like the Liligant focus type plush and found on her local toy shop an Dinosaur excavation kit of the Pachycephalosaurus (mean Rampardos)

It was funny but hard to broke the chalk bloc to get every parts of the skeleton. When I was finish I washed it with a brush. I feel like a paleontologist like I was always dream after seen Jurassic Park for the first time XD
It join the rest of my Cranidos/Rampardos collection ♥

About the collections, I took some pictures of on my desk to show you them. There's no all my pokemon items on it, just the non flat pieces and the collections I intend to make grow.

I draw a pokedoll pattern for (I hope) buy a, Aerodactyl custom plush when I'll get money for.

As you can see I finaly get the custom shiny Hydreigon from Lyndsaygorawr. He's really well made and very poseable.

My Whiscash collection looks a bit better now I have the plush XD I'm still looking on jakks figures, chou get and metal figures of it.

The Magby collection is the same as the last time. Still looking for the vulcano base Magby and Magmar zukan.

Little Mismagius collection too, I don't know if there more items than the tomy and the keshipoke figures...

My pride ♥ I just need Blaziken to complete the line and looking for Turtwig and Torterra too. It's been a while I planning to sell the Charizard line to spend money fur my other collections but I'm still very very hesitant, the charmander is very cute and I love the shiny charizard's colors, it's a rare piece.

Zorua/Zoroark and Lucario collections. I don't really plan to collect Lucario, just get some beautiful figures of him.
About Zorua, I have more Zoroark, but I wish to get a custom Zorua plush with pink instead of the red parts. Hope to get the pokedolls of them as soon as possible !

All my pokemon center plushies ♥ I love them and hope to get some more.
Kiwi appears like a ninja when I took the picture XD So I keep this one

And all my pokemon plushies ♥ can't wait for my turtwig canvas and the treecko pokedoll !

I wonder if someone would help me to GA this noppin lot. I can do the post/threads and someone for do the bidding/shipping. I would claim the Zorua for $12+, the lot has a very cheap starting price !
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