Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auctions reminder and quick sales <3.

My auctions end in under 24 hours :3.

*I Ship from California
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
*Regular Sales -
*Feedback -
*Wishlist -
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

50 cents each
(Some marks)

1.00 each
Gone:10th Anniversary book

2.00 each
Gone:Misty and Dragonair

3.00 each
Gone:Deck,Mewtwo,and Poster
(The deck is missing 5 cards)


Tags: abomasnow, abra, aggron, aipom, alakazam, ambipom, azelf, azumarill, azurill, barboach, bastiodon, beautifly, bibarel, bidoof, blastoise, blissey, bonsly, books, bronzong, bronzor, budew, buizel, buneary, burmy, butterfree, cards, carnivine, cascoon, chansey, charizard, charmander, chatot, cherrim, cherubi, chimchar, chimecho, chingling, clefable, clefairy, cleffa, combee, cranidos, croagunk, crobat, cubone, dewgong, dialga, dragonair, drapion, dratini, drifblim, drifloon, dustox, empoleon, espeon, feebas, finneon, floatzel, gabite, garchomp, gastly, gastrodon, gengar, geodude, gible, girafarig, glameow, golbat, goldeen, golduck, golem, graveler, grotle, gyarados, happiny, haunter, heracross, hippopotas, hippowdon, honchkrow, hoothoot, infernape, ivysaur, kadabra, kricketot, kricketune, lopunny, lucario, lumineon, luxio, luxray, machamp, machoke, machop, magikarp, manaphy, mantine, mantyke, marill, marowak, medicham, meditite, meowth, mesprit, mewtwo, milotic, mime jr., misdreavus, mismagius, moltres, monferno, mothim, mr. mime, munchlax, murkrow, nidoking, noctowl, octillery, onix, pachirisu, palkia, pelipper, people, persian, pichu, pikachu, piplup, poliwag, ponyta, prinplup, psyduck, purugly, quagsire, raichu, rampardos, rapidash, rattata, remoraid, riolu, roselia, roserade, sandslash, seaking, seel, serperior, shellos, shieldon, shinx, silcoon, skorupi, skuntank, squirtle, sudowoodo, tentacool, tentacruel, torterra, toxicroak, turtwig, unown, uxie, venusaur, vespiquen, wartortle, weavile, whiscash, wingull, wooper, wormadam, wurmple, zapdos, zubat
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