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Re-Introduction of the crazy Candle Collector

After being here for almost 3 years, and not hosting a collection update in a very long time, I figured it was time to get to it.

The name's Meg, and I've been a Pokeholic for 3 years and my favorite poison is spooky candles. When I first joined I was only focused on my main collection Froslass, with a side collection of Milotic. I was doing pretty good and then he was released.

And that's when I just kinda went nuts. I have a thing for Halloween, plus his forms were very Beauty and the Beast like, which is my favorite movie. I went a HUGE commission spree and next thing I knew he kinda took over my room, as you can see here in my last collection update:

So how are things now?

Well, being a full time manager at my job has left me fairly busy, so I might not be as up to date with things on him. I'm not more partial to what I get of him, so I didn't go crazy during the Fire Type Focus because he was the only Pokemon I liked from it and he had such a small role. ;;

For now, I occasionally get things for my side collections of Lilligant, Hydreion's line, Oshawott, and Scolipede. If there's ever anything of Milotic and Froslass that I don't own, I get those too. Here's a shot of those collections - they're currently jumbled on a couplee of shelves until I can figure out where to properly put them! All of their flat items are currently in a box waiting to be turned into something. You'll see what I mean later. <3

The pictures are fairly dark and gloomy because I live in the 3rd rainiest and 2nd cloudiest town in the USA. And that's an actual fact my town is proud of. D'8

Now you want to see the candles? Well, they got super compact because I needed more room and didn't like the clutter. So from the top post, here is how they've changed:

But wait... where did the fourth shelf of your collection go? How did you go from a cluttered 4 to 3 shelves? Simple! I picked up a hobby while at work. I forgot to mention I work in a craft store, didn't I? ;D

It's all in here! Ta-Da!

I made a collection website forever ago, but haven't updated it since early last year. I would love to get back to it, and it has most of the items from this update in it!

So there it is! I really don't know who is all on the community, and instead of the new people wondering if I'm just some kid who sells customs they get to know who I am and what I love. If you ever have any candles that I don't have, I am more then interested. ;D

Thanks for checking me out!

Tags: chandelure, collection, deino, froslass, hydreigon, introductions, lampent, lilligant, litwick, milotic, scolipede, zweilous
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