Tara (slothyshroom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

~Small Collection Update & Wants~

Hey all!
I thought I'd do a tiny update while I'm waiting on a couple grail worthy items for my epic collection post. 83
Work has been keeping me busy but I'm still collecting here in there.
I also have a wee bit of free time to sew, akeyma and Usakochan, I'll be starting on your plush once some fabric colors get to me. ;3

I found out I was a closet Virizion collector.
He's pretty much a legendary version of Breloom.
Same color scheme, the only two with the grass/fighting type combo and similar features.
How could I not fall for him?

I decided to collect only the pokedoll, kid, zukan, plamo and tomy figure.
I'm already more than half way done with it. C:
I was surprised how small his pokedoll was compared to the legendary dogs.
So much detail in such a small plush. 

The zukan I was very pleased with. I've noticed every single BW zukan set had poor paint jobs and I don't really like the clear blocks for the substitution of the pegs. But it works well for Virizion, he's the first BW zukan that I own that truly felt like the past gen sets. Great mold and the face is nicely painted. 

My Norman/May Collection page has been updated on my collection website!

I just completed Norman's Emerald teams in kid form! And would like to do so in zukan form. 
Which means a quick want post.

I'm after the following zukan sets for my Norman collection:

*Kangaskhan (with baby in pouch) Zukan
*Zigzagoon/Linoone Zukan
*Tauros Zukan

Also, I'm currently working only my "Team Collection" section of my website, I just completed my kid sets but need to do so with zukan. Once I obtain these I can update that section soon.

*Venonat/Venomoth Line
*Baltoy/Claydol Line
*Cubone/Marowak Line
*Carvanha/Sharpedo Line
*Numel/Camerupt Line
*Chinchou/Lantern Line
*Haunter/Gengar Line

I'm lame and sold these sets a few years back and regret it. 

I'd also be happy to split the sets, I'm after Camerupt/Gengar/Lantern/Cubone/Sharpedo/Claydol/Venonat.


Mienfoo MPC
I would love to get this and even Mienshao if anyone is selling them.

*Bath Soap Figure
*Movie Dice
*Pink Retsuden Stamp
*Ensky Puzzle
Any Emolga's not on my collection website page.

Any Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking Items that aren't on my collection website. ANY! Gimme gimme.

Any Shroomish/Breloom Items that aren't on my collection website. ANY! I'll take whatever you throw at me. 

A gigantic re-intro/graily collection update and sales next post! I thought separating my wants and collection would be a better idea. Any help finding any of these items would be really helpful and appreciated.
Thank you in advance and happy collecting!


Tags: baltoy, breloom, camerupt, carvanha, chinchou, claydol, collection, cubone, emolga, gastly, gengar, haunter, kangaskhan, linoone, marowak, mienfoo, numel, sharpedo, shroomish, slaking, tauros, venomoth, venonat, vigoroth, virizion, wanted, zigzagoon, zukan
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