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Long-overdue collection update!

Hello pkmncollectors! It's been a while since I posted my collection, so I figured it's about time for an update! :) Last time I updated I focused on my Buizel collection, but this time I have new additions to my Zangoose, Seel line, Spheal line, and Oshawott line collections as well.

A preview!

There's lots of images under the cut! Let's take a look, shall we?

First up is my general plush collection, mostly just Pokedolls.The newest addition here is the Dialga. I'm hoping to add the Virizion and Cobalion dolls soon, as they're two of my favorite recent releases. A Keldeo Doll would be welcome, too!

Next up is my Oshawott line collection. I love the Fukuoka Oshawott plush!

Now for some close-ups! The attack Oshawott kid is my newest Oshawott item. The long blue item is a stamper.

For some reason I got two stickers with the Oshawott attack kid. Not that I'm complaining! Check out the pecs on that Samurott bottlecap figure! It never fails to make me giggle.

Flats items and charms. I have doubles of the Rumble charm. The Halloween charm is totally adorable, and I just love the wooden Christmas ornament. I almost wish I had purchased two so I could display one as well.

My Buizel collection is my largest collection. I'm proud of how much it has grown over the past two years. It's all thanks to this wonderful community! :)

My newest item is a McDonalds toy. When I received it, it was still in its packaging, but I took it out because I wasn't really able to display it well when it was hidden in plastic.


I also have some of my larger Oshawott and Buizel plush on my bed.

Wait, what's that it in the corner!?

It's the New Years sleeping Oshawott plush! I've been wanting one ever since I first saw pictures. It was worth every penny! It's so large and soft. I love it.

My (very small) kids collection and side-collections are housed on a new shelving unit.

I keep my non-collection zukan and other random figures on the top. I still need to pick up an Overdrive Reshiram to go with the Zekrom. I really like the sculpt of the Virizion and Cobalion zukan figures. I sure wish they were bigger, though!

My kids collection isn't really all that big. I mostly just buy kids of the Pokemon I like but don't want to collect.

Somehow I ended up with a small Tepig collection. Not that I mind! The Tepig Pokedoll is one of my favorite plush items I own. It's just too cute. I also have a little Foongus collection going on. I don't go out of my way to buy things of these two, but I do pick up the things I like. If anyone is looking to sell a Foongus pin from the latest Pokedoll promotion, I'd be interested!

I also keep my manga and game boxes on these shelves. Oh how I wish the rest of Pokemon Special would be printed over here. :( I'm still missing some volumes, though, so I guess there's still stuff for me to buy.

My Spheal line collection has seen growth lately too.

Happy charms!

My greatest Spheal-line get is without a doubt the zukan, thanks to blackfruitbat! She also sent me a really adorable homemade Spheal hat.

Now on to my Zangoose and Seel collections.

My shiny customs! I'm hoping to add to this shelf, since there's not a whole lot out there for Zangoose. Zangoose with cute little beady eyes is such a change from his normal grumpy expression.

Last but not least, my Seel line collection. I can't decide if I should take the Dewgong BK plush out of the plastic or not. It was an easy decision to make with the Buizel toy, but not so much with Dewgong.

Finally, I have a question regarding this clearfile. It appears to be some kind of bonus item for the release of B2W2. Is that correct? I'm wondering if there's anyone that can help me get my hands on one for that adorable Buizel (and Oshawott, of course!) I'd love you forever! ;D

Thanks for looking and happy collecting! :D
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