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Update, kids sales, and did you win this lot?

Hello community! Today I bring you a super exciting upate all its own, some kids sales, and a question regarding a recent Y!J lot!

So let's start with the update, shall we!?

IT'S A BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING PLUSH BY @lyndsaygorawr!! AHHH ;A; look how amazing and adorable and just FANTASTIC it is!

I take it everywhere with me, and its little legs move and ;w; OH MY GOSH.


LOOK AT THE TOES. The toes you guys. Look at them :l

;w; isfgisugsio

aaanyway. -cough- He will be right at home here with my other gatrs, and I just wanted to share him with you all :D

Next up, kids sales!

1. I ship from Virginia in the US, and I ship anywhere
2. Pet friendly but smoke free home.
3. I typically ship on Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on when I am off of work, you will be notified when your package is sent out and it is not typically more than a 4 day wait.
4. Shipping starts at $1.50 for all 3d Items within the US, and $2.50 outside the US.
5. Paypal only please!
6. I will hold for 24 hours upon request, but that's all!
7. No trades at this time please
8. Open to haggling!

Sorry the top pics are a little harder to see D;
Pikachu: $7.00  Simisage- $5.00
Tranquil- $6.00  Simisear- $5.00
Simipour- $5.00 Conkeldurr- $5.00
Sawk(x2)- $5.00 each   Throh- $5.00
Gothitelle- $6.00  Vanilluxe(x2)- $5.00 each
Mienshao- $7.00  Zweilous- $7.00
Virizion(x2)-$6.50 each  Volcarona- $6.50
All of these kids figures are new in their boxes, unopened and untouched, and include their candy and sticker with purchase unless you do not want it. The box can be flattened for protection in shipping upon request but will otherwise be sent as-is. Thanks!

and finally, If a member of this community is the winner of this lot from Y!J that ended approximately 8:35EST this past morning (June 9, 2012):

I was bidding on this as well and I was only interested in the possibility of a feraligatr (any color) being in this lot. If you open them to reveal one, and you were not interested in it (or the feraligatr box that was in the lot as well) please PM me and let me know if we could work something out for it/them!! I would be willing to pay very handsomely for it/them, as the feraligatr metal figures are one of my top grails.

That's it, thanks guys!

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