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Quickie McDonald's Sales + A Few Gen5 Collection Photos

Firstly, I went to McDonald's yesterday and they already got some pokemon toys in! So far, they only had Pikachu and Dewott.I got two Dewott, and since I'm only looking for Servine and Axew for myself, the Dewott are up for sale.

Interestingly, the cards are face-up and clearly visible through the packaging this time. So, no need for guessing or peeking through the package anymore. :P

The cards are Emolga and Dwebble. If there is interest in only a figure and only a card separately, I will open and separate them.
Not sure what to price them at. (They're $10 on ebay now, but that's ridic, imo) Just make an offer! (Maybe $2 per figure or card :)
[My pkmncollectors feedback was granted by former mod lineaalba in 2008!]

Please look under the cut for my sale rules (along with links to my previous sales posts)!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sale Rules!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- My pkmncollectors feedback was granted by former mod lineaalba in 2008!
- MY FEEDBACK! (Clicking "Previous feedback" will show you my other feedback, including ebay!)
- Please leave feedback after you have received your order! And if something is wrong, please do send me a message about it!
- PayPal only. Any type of PayPal payment is accepted.
- Payment is due within 24 hours of getting a TOTAL.
- You can ask for holds up to 1-week long.
- DO NOT ask to hold something for someone else. This is very unfair to others who get there first and want the item themselves.
- I accept trades! I collect quite a few things so just point me to your sales!
- Haggling is fine!
- I ship internationally from Florida, USA.
- All domestic orders will come with delivery confirmation (if applicable). / All international orders will come with the customs forms number.
- I will message the number to you once your order is shipped; these serve as my proof of shipment. You may also ask for the receipt. Remember that fees are also included in the shipping cost.
- In the unlikely event that your package is lost in transit by the post office, I, unfortunately, can NOT afford to replace or refund it.
- By default, I ship everything through USPS First Class. If you want priority mail, tracking, insurance, or something else added... just let me know!
- Items will be shipped out within 1 week of me receiving cleared payment!

All standard pkmncollectors rules & guidelines also apply
Thank you for reading!


And so this post doesn't entirely suck, here two of my main Gen5 collections. x3 I've never posted pics of them before, ahah.

Eelektross line!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these are the only figures released of these guys so far. Woo!

Card collection, and charms! I am missing the Eelektross card from the last set... oops (the spot behind the charms is empty).
I don't collect plush that much, so I haven't really been interested in their MPC plush. I might get just Eelektross MPC though (it hasn't come out yet, right?)


ARCHEN collection! Yeah!

Archeops has become one of my favorite collections. Although its color scheme is kind of goofy, it is a "first bird" pokemon, and a fossil pokemon (I love 'em), so it is awesome!

The Archen tomy plush was given to me a few months ago by tortoises ♥ It arrived on the day before my final exams were due, while I was having a stressful time. The surprise was very much appreciated.
In the un-focused background we have the seasoning packet, charms, and MC Tomy figure I recently got from Gin! I hadn't bought a MIP tomy figure in a long time... fancy spinny bases now, eh!
Although they're not really hard-to-find, I haven't yet gotten the two kids figures. :s Aside from that, I think I am only missing the dot sprite can badge. I keep missing it in sales posts T_T

CARDS! I proudly have both the normal and reverse-holo versions of each English card now... (Not that they're that rare, I think I'm just proud because they look neatly arranged haha) I am missing the shiny Archeops from the latest set, though! (The charms are covering the blank spot!) If you have one at a good price, I have money for you.


And... oh, this isn't a Gen5 collection!

This is all of my Aerodactyl collection (well, I have a few miscellaneous flats too). I did not buy anything new lately, these are all my old 'dactyl things that I bought years ago just because he is awesome. But a few months ago, I decided that I wanted to start a real side-collection of Aerodactyl. So far, I have not found much, however. (Btw, yeah, I think that Tomy figure is a bootleg >_>)

This is what I'm thinking about getting:
- Zukan (all diff poses)
- Buildable figure
- Kids figure (there are 2 others besides the one I have)
- MAYBE metal figures or other unique figures.
- Any cards I'm missing (on the cheaper side)

The last one I bought was this beauty -

Anyway, that's enough for now. Have a nice day~

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