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Fantastic new gets and massive sales!

Hello everyone! I've been waiting a couple weeks for some new items to arrive... Now that they're here I want to share them with you! See if you can guess what these items are from my sneaky little preview. ;D

Props to you if you figured out what this could be from the picture! A brand new, MIP (until I took it out of the plastic) set of pokedoll charms from 2005. ^_^

Sceptile is for me and Blaziken and Marshtomp will be sent out to their new owners soon. I'll keep the owners a surprise until they want to share their new gets with you. :D

Just look at all that beautiful detail... oh goodness. I love him. So very much!

I won a brand new, sealed Neo Intro Half Deck recently and I decided to keep these lovely cards! (lol energy) I already have a Marill so the one I got in this deck is up for auction in my new sales. :3

Woobat and Axew toys from McDonalds and custom Pokemon Time charms from moguryu. <3 They are soooo cute! I wish there really were plushies that looked like this. D: 

New figures from some random Y!J lots. I love that Darkrai is crossing his arms! :D I have no idea what kind of figure he is, though, so if anyone knows what he is... I'd love to learn about him! He says ShoPro 1 on the bottom. 

Pokedoll stamp tote bag! Its quite bigger than the other Pokecen purses I have so I'm very happy to own this. :D

New Pokedolls! 




Darkrai. Pokedoll. Strap. :D I would never have gotten this without help from em_lemon. Thank you for showing him to me, sweetie! <3 So yes. I own a myriad of Darkrai pokedoll items now!

Just five different pokedolls, y'know. :P

I told you he was big! :D 

So yes. Holy goodness. He is my new baby and I am in loveeee. I've seen 'comparison' shots before from other collectors but it never actually sunk in how big he was til he arrived. I know we don't normally share pics of us with our merchandise but I just had to show you. <3 

So here's a meme: take a picture of you with your favorite merchandise! Be it big or little, give the community a 'real life' size comparison. :D

Next item on the agenda: sales and auctions! I have way too many items for one post on the community so I made a separate entry on my journal. Please check it out! There are hundreds of items looking for a new home!

Sales include TCG, t-shirts, clearfiles, stickers, figures, charms, plush, and much more!

Click any of the pictures or this link to get there. ^_^

One last thing- can anyone tell me what this card is? I can't figure out what the English equivalent is. :( I'm sorry for my lack of Japanese reading skill! D:  Thanks for all the help guys!
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