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Collection Post! And a Customs Preview!

Time for a LONG LOOONG overdue collection update! As well as a small preview of customs soon to be completed...

I haven't done an update in more than a year I'm sure...gah I've barely been around the comm for a long time. Sorry guys, hope you remember me! Onward to my room shots....

Oooold Hasbro beanies! Despite the lower quality, I could never get myself to give any of these guys up. They're my childhood!

I'd still like to collect all of them someday <3

Ghooosts! My main collection is of ghost types. This shot includes awesome customs by Nightmare-chan22, Winterjellybean, Shortcake-Middy (gah I didn't get all of her amazing Drifloon plush in this shot...but he's crocheted and AMAZING!), FourEyedAlien, and more! Every custom is so incredible, I love them. <3

The plush waaaalll. I tend to enjoy geekery on many levels, Pokemon is one of my top favorites though! ...And who is that MASSIVE bro on the right?

WHY, IT'S A BISHARP. He was made by MouseAlchemist and so incredibly kindly GIFTED to me by Moguryuu ;_; I watched the progress as he was being made, thinking he was so awesome! I never ever would have dreamed he'd be in my home <3 He is the most incredible bit of my Pokemon collection, and I'll treasure this big guy forever!

MY SIZE BISHARP no really he's huge he really is MY SIZE and I'm 5 foot 7 okay aslkdfsdf ignore my tiredness

Aaannnd a quick custom plush preview...

GUESS WHO. I've been slaving over these guys for a week and I can't wait to have them done! They WILL be up for auction, so if there are any Subway fans out there...be prepaaared hahah!

Thanks for checking everything out guys!
Tags: banette, bisharp, custom, darkrai, duskull, gastly, gengar, haunter, misdreavus, mismagius, shuppet
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