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Poke plush pile Payment 2+3 , Auctions,and Sales

After only 3 days our stuff is already here O:.
Please try to pay within 3 days,I always get touchy when I haven't paid for shipping yet and it arrives XD;.
Send all payments to Sockmehard(at) with your username and what you won in the title/description.
Let me know if you want any extras :3

I'd like to thank all the people who claimed the extras we managed to drop the shipping each an astonishing 85 percent

firevie Everything is fine :).
*Tush tag only on all except ducklett who has tags.
*Shipping is 11.60 in a small box,let me know if you want to look into a bubblemailer instead.
Total is 20.83

jenksss Gurdurr is perfect :).
*All tags
Total is 2.48

schenziEverything is fine :).
*Tush tags only
*Found a box for them so I need to go weigh them,They're a little smushed but I don't have a bigger box and I don't think there is a big enough bubble mailer for them.

slothyshroom Everything is fine except Buizel has some small dirt spots on his tummy and Gyrados has something white on the tip of his tail.
*Tush tags only except for Gyrados who has none.
*Gyrados moves perfectly (I was posing him XD;)
Total is 8.75

areica96 Totodile is in ok condition,his teeth are splitting and turning a little yellow.
*Tush tag only
Total is 8.12

pokegiugi Celebi is dirty in some spots.
*Tush tag only
Total is 5.87

kyogres Torchic is in great condition :).
*Tush tag only
*This is the 3rd time in a row I've had this Torchic in a GA XD.
Total is 7.59

hammiekia Snivy is in great condition :).
*Tush tag only
Total is 14.21

natsume_85 Everything is in a great condition except for Oshawott has a dirt spot on the back on his head.
*Tush tags only
*Pikachu has a zipper on his bottom.
Total is 28.28

melissar1 Everything is in great shape :3. 
*Tush tags only.
*Big piplup has small pouch in his back I don't know what its for.
*Winking Piplup turns into a pokeball.
Total is 8.71

khkidEverything is great :).
*Tush tags only
*Groudon is the oversized pokedoll :3.
*I need your zipcode so I can give you your total C:.

caffwinWobbuffet is in great condition except one of his arms came loose from his side. 
*Tush tag only.
Total is 2.97

chespinTurtwig is in great condition :3.
*Tush tag only
*Seems to be a mini pokedoll.
Total is 2.86

dialny Everything is in great condition except snivy has blue vein like mark running down his neck and Zorua is missing his fur tuft on his head.
*Tush tags only.
*Zorua is a plamo.
*Shipping is going to be 11.60,let me know if you want me to look into a bubble mailer.
Total is 16.44

squeakaree Everything is fine except for Pachirisu who has a lot of dirt spots on her and her zippers broken.
*Tush tags only.
*Pachirisu is the change to ball.
*I don't know how I'm going to be able to ship out your stuff,I don't have a big enough box to fit pikachu who is 15 inches.
Also I'm pretty sure pikachu pushes the box over the 4 pound limit so your stuff will have to go priority making it 30+ to ship :x.
I'm willing to work something out with you if its too high,more likely either refund you for the pikachu or cut him open and take his stuffing out.


vinnvonn Giratina is in great shape C:.
*Tush tag only
Total is 3.17

rhys107Cryogonal is in perfect shape C:.
*All tags
I need your zipcode/Country to calculate your total <3.

jr890Everything is in great shape :3.
*Tush tags only.
*Chimchar is a mini pokedoll.
I need your Zipcode to calculate your total :).

vaporeon99Everything is in great condition :).
*Tush tags only except tepig has all of his tags
*I need to find a box and your zipcode to calculate your shipping.

ushigofasweet Simisear is in perfect condition :).
*All tags
I need your Zipcode/Country to calculate your total :3.

wutastic Everything is in great shape c:.
*Turtwig only has his tush tag and Zekrom has all tags.
*Turtwig is a mini pokedoll.
*Zekrom is not the MPC.
I need your Zipcode/Country to calculate your total :).

xcuddleofdeathx Everything is in great condition c:.
*Tush tags only except for Chimchar who has all tags.
*Happiny changes to a pokeball
*Venusaur has a drawstring bag on his back.
I need your Zipcode/Country to calculate your total :3.

kephisos Mudkip is in great condition except for some scatches on his eye.
*Tush tag only
I need your Zipcode/Country to calculate your total C:.

rypeltajaroll Mudkip is in good condition :3.
*Tush tag only
*I need your Zipcode/Country to calculate your total <3.

poliwhirl Everything is in great condition except Turtwig has a small spot on dirt on his head.
*Tush tags only.
I need your Country to calculate your total <3.

lucario Both are in great condition :).
*Tush tags only.
I will go about cutting them open and get back to you with the shipping cost :3.

asifkhfds Dialga is in great shape C:.
*Tush tag only.
I need your Zipcode/Country to calculate your total :3.

~Extras for sale~
Psyduck - 7.50
Piplup - 7.50
Turtwig - 5.00
Aipom - 5.00
Pikachu - 0.50

Auctions end August 20th 2012 at 7:30 pm PST
*All Community Rules Apply ( Bids 5 minutes before ending add another 5 minutes to the auction end )
*Payment will be required within 3 days of purchase
*I will leave negative feedback if you buy and don't pay.
* Please bid in increments of 1.00
*Here is my feedback C: -
*Regular Sales -
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

Both start at 8.00

All start at 5.00 except Chikorita who is 3.00
*Shinx is the only minky one.
*They all have their tush tags cut off.

Absol and Chikorita have dirt spots on them.

Jakks Plush - 3.00 each

Very loved Dialga pokedolls - 3.00 each
Gone:Dialga Left and Right

Only the Zoruas,and chatot are available - 3.00 each
Gone:Cubone and 1 Zorua
*Cubone has a small chip of paint missing from his hands,Mewtwo has some small teeth marks on him if anyone wants to take him for 1.00.

Jakks plush - 2.00 each

2.00 each
Gone:Squirtle,both Bulbasaur,Giratina.

Damaged plush - 1.00

Figures - 1.00 each
Hold:Giratina and Deoxys strap
*Some might have some minor damage

Small figures - 0.50 each 
Gone:Dialga and Palkia
*Shieldon is glued to his base.

Damaged Figures - 0.50 each
Gone:Both Umbreons,Absol,latias,latios,Salamence,Palkia,Lugia,entei,pikachu, and Lucario

Horrific Bootleggs - 0.25 each

Free with purchase or 2.00 shipped

Tags: absol, aipom, arcanine, blaziken, buizel, bulbasaur, celebi, charmander, chatot, chikorita, chimchar, cranidos, cresselia, croagunk, cubone, deoxys, dialga, ditto, drifblim, entei, flareon, gengar, geodude, giratina, glaceon, glameow, infernape, jirachi, kricketot, lapras, latias, latios, lickilicky, lucario, ludicolo, lugia, manaphy, mantyke, medicham, mew, minun, moltres, pachirisu, palkia, pichu, pikachu, piplup, poochyena, psyduck, quilava, regice, reshiram, riolu, salamence, sales, sandile, sandshrew, sceptile, sharpedo, shieldon, shinx, sneasel, snivy, squirtle, sudowoodo, swampert, tepig, tropius, turtwig, typhlosion, umbreon, zapdos, zoroark, zorua
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