Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Card Game Tips and N want maybe!

Hi all! I've been having some college blues lately, but what better way to feel better than talking to you all? So, here at my college we have a Pokemon club, where we play, watch, and talk about pokemon! Along those lines, we actually have card game tournaments and get REAL badges for defeating gym leaders! I'm excited. However, I haven't played the game legit since... fifth grade! And I'm a freshman in college. SO! Basically what I'm getting at, do any of you guys who play, whether for fun or competitively, have any tips to making a deck? Any stratagies in game, and some pointers/refreshers on how to play? You don't have to go through how to play step by step, but just some refresher and tips!!

Along those lines, I've seen an N game matt once before on the comm, and I was wondering if anyone had one hey'd be willing to sell? Not sure if I can purchase at the moment but it doesn't hurt to inquire! Thanks!

If this post is too irrelevant or isn't allowed I'll delete it. Thanks!
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