spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Final Collection weeding sales.

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse 

Willing to haggle possibly on some items, don't hesitate to ask.
Shipping is from the UK & starts at £3.30 ($5.35) Please remember this, Haggling helps here ^^;

Machop - $50
Poliwrath - SOLD

Both Zukan are Mint with no marks & Correct bases. Both were opened in their original packets by me.
Machamp Line - $35 
Primeape Line - $20

All TFG are mint with no Marks, Charizard is a Euro Version and has a rarity symbol!
Brendon - $5
Charizard - $10
(Misty Sold)

Mint MPC, got these when i collected Fighting types.. which i dont anymore XD $19 each.

Ho-Oh - $15
Riolu - $20
Raichu - SOLD

Mag & Buzz Jakks - $5 for Magmar & Electabuzz, $2 for Mortar & Vire.

Kids figures. All standard kids are $2 each, While Shiny Magmortar is $12. Ask about condition if you wish, but the shiny Kid is mint.

Zukans - $5 Each

All the figures are $3 each, Battrio & mini notebook $1 each, Elekid Strap, MegaBloks & Magby Stamp $5 Each.

Charms - $5 each, or $10 per Johto Set $12 per National set.

Complete Set of the 1st B&W TCG Set (Excluding only the Pikachu, but includes Darmanitan Pre-release) Also throwing in the 1st 8 Promo cards too. Can have it with the binder or not up to you. But i'd like $50 for the whole lot? haggling welcome.

I also have a box filled with commons & uncommons from sets from Base set up until the 2nd B&W set. And a binder filled with Rares & Holos. I want all these out but they'd be expensive to ship outside of the country, but i'd be willing to ship international if you want, and i can also list all the the rares/holos i can. Looking for about $60-70 for the lot? 

Thanks for looking guys, When the plushplush comes in im going to update that badboy here, i'm also working on a bootleg pokedoll guide ^^

Tags: bell plush, cards, cyndaquil, electabuzz, elekid, jolteon, keldeo, kyogre, machamp, machoke, machop, magby, magmar, magmortar, mankey, mienshao, raichu, sales
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