noctowl100 (noctowl100) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long time no Seaking..

Hi Everyone! It has been a long time since I have made a post on the community, there are lots of new members I notice, and things are bustling as usual!
And I bring from my long absence, a small sales for you guys, including a MWT (red tag) Glaceon Pokedoll and a MWT Skitty Pokedoll!

I have had to force myself to seperate with some of these much loved items from my collection, as my small house just can't accomodate it all anymore! But I decided I would do a small sale now, and then another one next week probably, which will include more Pokedoll's and plush (Leafeon Pokedoll amoungst others)

Its very hard to see glaceon go, but I know she will find a good home on here!

First up, as usual we have info/rules:
- I got sales permission sometime in 2008 (cant remember month I'm afraid!) from Gin.
- I ship from the UK
- I always ship within 7 days
- I will post anywhere
- Prices do not include P&P
- I only accept PayPal for payments
- I don't like to hold items, had to many people "forget" then disappear!

Ok i think thats about it, so first up, is lovely Glaceon...
Tag had no tears or foldd too! Ok so pricing. Hard for me to say, as there is only one example to go on, but i know ebay sellers charge higher than usual quite a bit, so im willing to let Glaceon go for $125 obo. :) SOLD

More Pokemon Center plush
Serperior is $50, SOLD

Thanks for looking, and questions please feel free to ask! =D

Tags: cresselia, eevee, glaceon, leafeon, mew, pokecen, pokedolls, skitty
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