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Happy early birthday to myself! x3

I haven't done a gets post in quite some time, but I got so many lovely packages recently (Three today!!!) that I'm VERY excited about, so I wanted to share!


Also Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland wants!
Customs welcome~

First, we'll start with some of my smaller gets~
The Zigzagoon was a custom made byflammablelizard and she was made to be my beloved Ziggy, Sha-Lei! :)
Next is a metal Tepig (Who is totally adorable), a Pikachu in a basket, a Purrloin kid, metal Zorua, and the Poke Time Growlithe strap! 

For the Purrloin, I've been trying to avoid collecting him, but he just reminds me so much of my cat who does things on purpose to be a butt D; LOL And as for Zorua, I've been going back and forth about collecting this little guy since he came out. So, let's hope this one can convince me to let him stay~ 

Things not pictured that I also got was a Growlithe bottlecap and a Gengar Poke Time bookmark! (Hope I'm not forgetting anything else, lol) I also think I have some more on the way!


Stickers!!! All except Pikachu are pan stickers! The Pikachu is a Korean sticker!

Now on to the main events~

The Lotta Pikachu Collection!


I found the lot for them on Y!J and ended up paying WAY more than I wanted to, but they are so cute!!! I totally had to have them in my collection and I'm actually pretty glad that I did end up getting them! 



The wonderful mitchichen helped me to get all of these Korean Lillipup line stickers!!! It was like it was my birthday and Christmas wrapped into one when I opened the letter! ;^; I love them so much!!!

Which leads into my wants! My birthday is coming up (On the 31st!) and I wanted to get more Lillipup line things! So, I know I'm missing the Retsuden Stamps, the Herdier mini-bento, and the bootleg Stoutland, along with all pan stickers!

So if you have any of those or something that you don't see here or on my collection site, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :)
Click this to go to my collection site. 

My major, major, major want is the AEON badges!!!! I will throw money at you! x.x

I'll also take a look at customs! Thanks so much!!!!

Also, heads up for when I come back from Youmacon! I am doing massive collection weeding! Almost all of my James collection will be heading out, along with some Buneary, Zangoose, Plusle, and much, much more!

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