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Lotad's Army is in! + My gets

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
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Lotad's Army is in and shipping totals are ready!

Also have a little collection update :3

My grail get from the GA! So cuuuuuuute :D!!!

When I was wondering if I should keep any of the extras these 2 didnt even cross my mind, but seeing them in person, fell in love ;o; So yup, keeping them X3

Got these 2 yesterday! Ahh they're perfect! Always nice to add new things to my 2 biggest collections :3

Lotadssss :D For those who dont know, I'm trying to collect all the 'tads! There's about 4 figures I know I'm missing and Reversible Pokeball plush.

These arrived today, adorable ;w;

Recently I've been wanting johto charms of all my favs (if they're different than their new release), was excited to find this!

Scraggy!!! I have been wanting these charms since they came out but for some reason this is my first one ;o; Hoping to get the others some day.

Emolga canvas! I kept trying to resist buying this b-but just look how cute ;o;

Finally got Swanna mpc! One step closer to having all the birds :3

Latte the Noctowl! I got this lovely from my friend roxiexcore.
He is so cuuuuute and I can't stop playing with him X3

She also sent me this adorable Jirachi clearfile!

I was putting off buying these all year, hoping to get the 3 together, and my wish finally came true!

Lovely walky coasters from gappamaki and lots of kids and giant lotad squirter!

Got this from ebay ^^ Larvi <3

It figures by the time I find this Vullaby card in japanese is a week before the eng release of it lol Luckily I collect all languages of Vullaby ♥ Also I love that TCG sleeve, mostly for the Oshawott + Stunfisk part XD

It has been snowing all day! Kabubu wants to go out and play in it.

Lotad's Army GA

* Spreadsheet is here
Please send payment to with BOTH subject and memo 'lotads army payment 2 - username'
Please comment that payment was sent, thanks!

* All US orders come with free tracking.
* I will try to go to PO Saturday but we got quite a bit of snow so I might have to wait til Tuesday (Monday is a holiday)
* If you want to add any extras or things from my sales comment and I'll recalculate your total. :)
* Detailed pics of each plush can be seen here
* If you would like me to groom your plush or attempt any kind of repairs feel free to ask!

squeakaree's Buneary! Fur is loved but could easily be groomed

spasjoltik's Cyndaquil! The yelllow on the flame a bit weird/worn in places and he could use a good grooming but otherwise really nice. Oh, but the tag is really worn.

woopahfan's! Psyduck is missing part of his hair and has some sort of stain on his beak but I might be able to add a strip of felt and wash some of the stain off, if you want me to try :)

melissar1's cuties! None of them have any problems I noticed, though they could use a brushing. X3

peeche00's Flygon. Claws have seen better days and the tail tip seems kind of loose.

zakiax1's Charmander. Nothing too bad, just could use some grooming.

brittanylischka's small Charizard. Has something on one wing and could also use some grooming.

zetsukitty4302's big Charizard. Also could use some grooming but didnt notice anything else.

herar's grumpy cuties! Aside from needing a few spots cleaned and groomed, they're perfectly fine :3

Leftovers! open to everyone but $2 for participants and $3 for non participants.

All have been given a light washing/brushing but can still tell they are loved condition and chimchar's nostril embroidery coming out on one side.

Thanks for reading :)
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