Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Chibi Stampers GA Payment

Sorry for the slight delay on these calculations, it's been a crazy week!  Payment 1 for my Chibi Stampers GA is now due~

We got some really really really awesome discounts :D


Paypal Address: allinia[@] 
Payment Title: Chibi Stamps GA Payment 1 [username]

Let me know in the comments that you've paid and your location so I can mark it off in the spreadsheet.


I am posting this to the community (instead of just commenting to participants) because I want to offer extras!!  Aerodactyl, Zapdos, Omanyte x2, Geodude, Krabby, Horsea, Dugtrio, Machop, Arbok, Nidorino, Spearow, and Ekans are all available for just $1 each - both participants and non-participants may claim, and all money raised will be put towards our second invoice.

Please just comment here if you'd like to claim an extra!  Participants please wait to send Payment 1 if you want an extra, I will give you an updated total so you can save on PP fees ♥
Tags: group auction
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