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Shaymin plush recommendations? (land forme)

Hi, comm!

I've recently taken a shine to Shaymin and am thinking of starting a mini-hedgehog!min collection. However, size is very much an issue to me, so I'd like to know your recommendations. I've looked at pokeplushproject, but small, medium-small and medium really isn't any indication for me, especially since the plush aren't photographed next to objects that can be used to estimate their size. The Landmin plush(es?) I'd like to get, eventually, should hopefully be around the size of MPC plush, so that they won't take up too much space.

Possible candidates include
2010 Shaymin Canvas
2009 Jakks Shaymin (I know this is 5 inches from PPP, but I haven't a clue about its fabric)
2008 Banpresto Shaymin (Land Forme) UFO Plush
2009 Takara Tomy NEW Pokemon Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
2008 Banpresto Shaymin (Land Forme) Ball Chain Plush

If you own any of these plushes, could you tell me what these plushes are made out of? or if you're not sure, could you describe how the plush feels? soft? rough? (as well as their approximate height).

I searched y!j for shaymin and right now the likeliest candidate looks like this one... is she a canvas plush?

By the by... are videogameforless and dvdking888 legit ebay sellers?

Thank you in advance!
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