Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants and sales and NYC stock

Hi guys! I'm still wanting a whimsicott Pokedoll and any loose pokedoll tags you might be willing to sell! Whimsicott doesn;t have to have a tag, but it'd be nice if it does =) Thanks!


Here's some TCG sale, and also selling a BW2 pokemon center magazine

Also, I just went to NYC pokemon center to do a mini pickup, and took note of the stock! They had

Regigigas pokedoll
Cubchoo pokedoll
Audino pokedoll
Servine pokecen plush
Dewott pokecen plush
Tepig pokecen plush
Pansage pokecen plush
Pansear pokecen plush
Panpour pokecen plush
Cottonee pokedoll
Petilil pokecen plush
Munchlax pokedoll
Latias pokedoll
Zoroark pokecen plush
Mienfoo pokedoll
Gothita pokedoll
Ducklette pokedoll
Hoho pokecen plush
Blitzle pokedoll
Drilbur pokedoll
Elekid pokedoll
Dialga Pokedoll
Palkia Pokedoll
Patrat Pokecen plush
And I think Timbur pokedoll
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