abbeymew (abbeymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA AGOGO payment 1

we won the AGOGO GA!!, we also go some pretty impressive discounts! 


here is the spreadsheet: 

please edit the spreadsheet saying you have paid please. 
send payments to ffchampion123[@] 
in the note please leave your username and what you brought. please make the title "GA agogo payment 1" I am currently running another GA so would like to keep them in order! 
pay within 48 hours, or else ;) 

comment below once you have paid too :D

here is the invoice


truxor - I am still waiting for your payment on the quick phanpy GA please send payment to the address above 
$6.60 if in US or $6.65 if anywhere else. please contact me or pay ASAP

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