spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Permanent Wants Post

Hey everyone! It's me again! I've recently became more active again on the community, I'm also going to be using my personal LJ much more! I've made a permanent wants post on there now, which i'm going to use from here on to post wants, since it's easier and quicker to update, and much better to keep on top of it!

One thing i'm really after is Merch of The Male Trainers (NOT ANIME) Especially the Male Trainer Touya/Hilbert/Black Dot Sprite items! So far i only have the Charm from the pin set & also the Mini notebook! If anyone could help me out at all i'll be eternally grateful! I'm having a world of trouble finding things on Y!J 

My Wants are here:

If anyone noticed what i put before about sorting out my Collection/Toy room, i've came to the point where i must once again weed collections down. My Snivy line Plush & other bits and bobs are going to be up for sale once this Eevee Madness dies down! I'm really excited about sorting my room out though. Since it houses 99% of my collection, but in a really jumbled way at the moment! I have the vision so clear in my head how i want it, has anyone else had a similar vision they can't wait to get done? 
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