mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Just a little poll :)

Hello my fellow collecters:)
So I was thinking. I wonder how many tourist in New York went to Nintendo World years ago and bought a really rare Pokedoll they had at the time like Houndour or Natu and just have it sitting in their closet today? Having absoloutly NO idea what it's worth. Just sitting there collecting dust. What really gets me is that people have probably sold these Pokedolls years later at a simple yard sale for a quarter with other common plush! :o

So this brings me to my question. What is the greatest Pokemon yard sale/flea market find? Anything besides cards, cards are quite common (even though some are worth a ton) Leave your responce below and let me know! I'm curious for y'alls answers :)

Have a good week!

-Grace <3

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