John (jr890) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction and Collection Post

Hi my name is John and I just realized I have been on this community for more than a year and I've never posted anything, so here is my intro and part of my collection.

Since many of you I started liking Pokemon since I was in elementary school, I used to watch the show all the time and  remember trying to collect as many cards as I could. Ever since than I remember buying most of the games and trying to collect all of the Pokemon. I didn't really start collecting Pokemon merchandise until last year, when I went to the  the Pokemon Mall tour in Colorado. I really liked the event and what I liked the most was seeing the merchandise they we selling. I remember picking up one of the Snivy plushies, and feeling how soft they were, and that is how it all started. I bought all of the plushies they were selling and some of the figures and after that I started to buy plushies online, I joined this community a few months after the event, after seeing someone post on tumblr about the community I decided to see what all of the fuss was about. I  decided to create an account after seeing everyones collections and decided that I would have a big plushie collection one day. A year later  this is what I have, well part of it since I have of it stored away,

This Is my collection shelf, I mostly collect pokedolls but there are also some kids and zukan displayed

Here is my top shelf, this is where I have my small Weavile collection, its the DX Pokedoll that made me want to start collecting Weavile. 

Here is the rest of my collection

Well there you go, hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully I can get another bookshelf soon so I can display the rest of my collection
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