apuritan (apuritan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello fellow collectors!

Hello fellow pkmn collectors!
I've been lurking around the community for quite a while, but I haven't introduced myself officially yet so here we go!
I'm apuritan, and I'm a big plush collector--I don't really have any one pokemon that I mainly collect, I just collect about anything that fits my taste XD


Yeah :) As you can see, it's just a little bit of this and that..impulse buys and those kinds :) 
Just like a lot of people here, I was big into pokemon in the 90s, when pokemon hit hard all over the world, and was somewhat separated from pokemon until a few years ago, when I saw a very very cute shaymin plush(not pictured) from a local anime convention. Of course I bought the plush, and it totally fired up my plush collecting spirit, and I just went around gathering up pokemon plushes from everywhere. I eventually arrived at this community and has been a member since.

Just an FYI, I not only collect pkmn plushes(although it is my main passion), but I collect various animal plushes(cats, alpacas, dolphins, snakes etc) or other anime related plushes as well. People freak out when they see my collection...It looks like a jungle in here XD I've never been ashamed of my plush collection though!

I might do a collection update soon since I have more plush arriving around Thanksgiving, so stay tuned and thanks for reading this post!
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