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Plush Collection Post! And wants!

 Hello community! :D I have posted once before but mostly I am a lurker. xD The last time I posted I had shown a picture of a nice haul I got at an estate sale. Now I thought I would show what I DO have xD. Well, plush wise. I have SO MANY figures. And other cute little knick-knacks, but this is mostly what I could scrounge up last minute of the plushes. I know one of the plushies I do not have here is a talking mew plush. I don't know where it went! D: 

So here is my fun little bundle! I have had some of these since I was reeeaaal little, so some are obvious old and 'loved' xD. And I don't sleep with them all on my bed, haha, I just got them all together for a photo. c:


The sad truth is, I may have to end up selling some of these precious babies. It's heart breaking but some will have to go soon so I can move out of my parents house as well as get a car. XD I know they will go to good homes here though. Of course thats a completely seperate post! (Not to mention I need to get sales permission first.) 

I'm also an avid Pokemon TCG collector, and my goal is to get a card of every pokemon. So far I have completed the sixth gen and almost the first. 

Now I am very noobish at live-journal, so how do you all record your collections? Do you do it just through journal entries? I'd have to take photos of each page of my binders, so there is a lot there! A loooooooooot. @-@ 

Same goes for figures. Not nearly as many as cards, but I still do have a lot. Mostly not really 'mint' condition (again those were played with when I was a kid) but I still love them. :) 

How do you display your collections? Do you buy shelves SPECIFICALLY for your precious bundles? 

I also think I have FINALLY decided what I want to focus on collecting the most, and those are Vaporeon (mostly shiny) and maybe Eevee too. :) I also love dragonite, but gosh there just isn't much of him. ;-; Ah well.

I am looking for the sleepy eevee pillow, as I believe a friend would adore it for christmas, and I'd love to get one for myself down the road. xD I can't find them on ebay though, any thoughts where I can snag one?

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