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Collection Update and Sales!

Hi everyone! I miss you all so much! School work is sucking the life out of me D= But today I come with a collection update and some sales, along with updated TCG sales! First

My happiest get!
Motion and voice activated talking Chillarmy! Oh. My god. SO SOFT AND CUTE! And so cool how it interacts with voice! I plan on posting a video of him when I go home during thanksgiving break!

Chillarmy Tomy Figure from NYC Pokecen =D

Audino Pokedoll! Been meaning to get my hands on her for a while! I love her fluffy little tail!

I finally got some pokedoll tags! I adore the art and have some more coming in!!

Jakks Reshiram! I got this cutie for $5 at 5 below, and he's so tiny copared to other Jakks figures!!!

Along with him, I got an amazing sticker book, which I went and picked up another of to sell! Which leads us to sales!

First off, I had a very small TCG update after getting a Dragons Exalted pack. Here's the TCG http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13107570.html

Now, the rules!
* I recieved sales permission from dewott on 9/3/12
* My feedback is here http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/leyluna/
* Paypal only please!
* All pkm collectors rules apply
* I ship from the US and can only ship to US for now, My college doesn't do international =(
* Feel free to haggle, or to let me know if the prices are bad!
* I will hold items on a case by case basis
* Priority goes to the fist person who inquires, and moves on to the next after 2 days without a response
* I am a college student and this is my first week dorming. Please understand I am quite busy, and I will let you know on shipping status's
* All payments will be sent to xLeylunax@gmail.com
* I am not responsible after the item has been shipped
* Backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback =(

Victini edition sticker book! This is one of three sticker books released for black and white pokemon. It has a sticker of every pokemon, shiny stickers, and stickers of trainer, including N Harmonia. Legendaies and starters have full art stickers also! The book pictured is my personal book, and the one that you will recieve is fully packaged and unopened. The book is $10

BW2 Preveiw guide/art book. Has GORGEOUS  pictures from the trialer, information of the pokedex 3D, Gym leaders, dream world, etc. It was given out at Nintendo world during the pre release event. It's $8

And that's all for now! Thanks for looking!

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