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Just thought I'd introduce myself (I get overly descriptive sometimes, so apologies for the length)

So I’m a newbie, and I thought I’d make my first post. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my current collection on hand, but I’m waiting on a few orders so once I get those I’ll take some pictures.

I’ve loved Pokemon from the moment I was first introduced to it, as a 9 or 10 year old kid watching Cheese TV (an Australian kids line-up) before school. I remember watching the first episode and after that I was hooked… and obsessed. Being a child with no actual income of my own (as well as being from Australia, another massive disadvantage Pokemon-wise) my collection was pretty meager at first, but over the next few years it grew. I had a decent collection of Tomy figurines, stickers, key-rings and miscellaneous merchandise and toys. My biggest collection however was undoubtedly my Pokemon Cards; I had a full set of the original release, most of the Jungle deck and a smattering of other cards, mainly from the Rocket and Fossil series. I was part of an underground syndicate of kids, engaging in illegal trading behind the school toilets (Pokemon cards were banned at my school after too many fights broke out over trades and the like: P). I was, in a word: Obsessed.
Sadly, but predictably, my interest waned for quite a few years while I was in High School. Being a hoarder however, my collection remained mostly intact over the years, at the bottom of a cupboard (save for some of my card collection which was siphoned off to my younger brother).

Since High School I’ve gradually regained my interest in all things Pokemon. I bought a DS specifically to play the games and I’ve picked up a few things here and there at conventions and such. I also dug up what I could find of my old collection (still searching for the cards though…). Only recently though (and conveniently coinciding with the release of all the Eevee merchandise) have I really researched the online collecting community. The timing was exceptionally bad for my wallet given that Eevee and the Eeveelutions are some of my favourites (probably second only to Vulpix and Ninetails), so I’ve gone a bit nuts with the spending in the last week or so…

I started this account as a means to join a community of other collectors, as unfortunately none of my current friends or acquaintances share my interest in Pokemon. I did however spend a good hour last weekend (while slightly… a lot drunk) trying to teach my friend all the words to the Pokemon theme song. I don’t think she was impressed :(.
Whatever, I think it’s great *hums away*.

I'll post a bit of an overview of my current collection later on, and maybe a list of wants... but there are oh so many :( I realise this has probably been a lengthy intro, but now that I’ve waxed lyrical about myself I promise my future posts will be much more concise :)
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