meguroco (meguroco) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update/New Gets!/Collection Site!

So an update on my collection...

Here's a slight preview of what my entire collection looks like! You can see the whole thing on my collection site linked below! :)

My New Gets! <33Collapse )

With all the new stuff I got, that means I edited my collection site!

Click the button to go! I did kind of a stupid thing and accidentally deleted all my links T_T; So.. if you have a collection site, I'd love to add you to my links page! <333

Also, one final thing!

Just a quick little reminder that the Group Buy for these lots is still going on! We are SO close to claiming everything and being able to buy the lot, so if you see anything you want, please help out! <33 You can go to the page by clicking either image!

Thanks guys! I do plan to get even more things coming in so hopefully I can participate more here :)
Tags: collection, group buy, growlithe, piplup
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