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Amarok's November pickup -- signup post

Payment post is up and can be found HERE!

Hey, guys! I'm doing a pickup at the Pokecen next week, either on Friday or Saturday the 23rd/24th (trying to juggle my options to decide which day is more likely to have things actually in stock but don't want to be stuck in super bad crowds), so here are the details.


*I received sales approval from denkimouse in January 2011

*Items will be shipped via standard airmail unless EMS is requested. Tracking (4.50$) is mandatory on orders over 75$ and available to those who request it for all other requests. Please tell me if you want EMS or tracking before I come back with totals, not after! Shipping costs will depend on the size/weight of the item(s) and what country you live in! I usually mail within a week of payment, up to 2 weeks after.

* Please do not edit your comments or make additions to the list of things you want. Take your time to decide first 100% what you'd like me to get, then comment! I'm normally OK with making additions/changes, but I'm not doing that this time for the sake of clarity and ease of handling this. Thanks for your understanding.

*I cannot give shipping quotes before I have the items in hand, so if you absolutely need to know exactly how much shipping is going to be beforehand, perhaps another seller would be a better fit for you.

*Similarly, I cannot guarantee what will or won't be in stock when I go. :( I'll be going to the PC this Sunday as well as next weekend, so if anyone signs up before then that'll give me double the chances to look for your items, but I am not in control of Pokecen stock.

*Signing up is a commitment to buy and pay on time. It's your responsibility to look at the new post. It'll be linked to right in this post and titled/tagged clearly. I shouldn't have to remind you.

*clearfiles + plush are mortal enemies and cannot be shipped together in most cases.

How this will work:

Comment with what you'd like and what country you're in, adding your own total for items, and I add you to my list and let you know! You check out the list and if it's all OK, I go to the PC next weekend (23/24) and pick up your stuff. I'll then make a new post in the community with totals for everyone with shipping by the end of the following Monday (the 26th).Payment is due by the end of Thursday (29th)! After I receive payment, I'll then mail your items and edit the post to indicate when your items have been mailed. You then get stuff in the mail!

What I'm picking up:

Photobucketeevee goods: Photobucket

mini-pokedolls: 11$
pokecen plush: 22$
clearfiles: 6$
placemat/coaster sets: 19$
cookie tin (expect high shipping!!): 18$
deck case: 8.50$
card sleeves (Glaceon/Leafeon/Eevee, Vap/Jolt/Flar/Eevee, Esp/Umb/Eevee): 8.50$
following I can only get a couple of each, assuming they're in stock:
card binder w/cards: 37$
eevee cushion: 32$
blanket: 40$:
no more requests for these!

Photobucketrecent releases: Photobucket

(pics here)Felt name holders (Pika, Chillarmy, Bulba): 9$
(pics here)Paper model kits (flying, water): 10$
type clearfiles (specify which you want! Some types have 2 designs): 5$
clearfile collection holder: 14$
Patchwork plush (pikachu, chillarmy, bulbasaur): 23$
Patchwork mascot plush (pikachu, chillarmy, bulbasaur): 14$
Poketime plush (gengar, growlithe, farfetchd, ponyta, dragonair): 23$

Photobucketgeneral goods: Photobucket

pokedolls 16.00
clearfiles 5.00
general straps 9.50
PWY pins 3.50
card sleeves: 8.50$

If you're interested in other recent releases like the Christmas stuff, you can let me know and I'll give you a quote and can look for it for you, but that's not on the list here because I'm doubtful about what's left in stock.

PhotobucketSignups list: Photobucket

1. pocketofmonstrs - espeon/umbreon/leafeon pokecen plush
2. austerlitze - eevee cushion
3. aarux - vaporeon plush
4. winterwish - eevee blanket, mini pokedoll vaporeon
5. em_lemon - mini pokedoll 1x each eeveelution (eevee, vaporeon, flareon, jolteon, umbreon, espeon, leafeon & glaceon) + lugia, pokecen plush eevee/vaporeon/umbreon
6. poliwhirl - patchwork bulbasaur plush x2, flying/water mobile kits x2 each, unown stickers (EMS)
7. rypeltajaroll - vaporeon/umbreon pokecen plush, eevee cushion
8. chaos_21 - CF collection holder, glaceon/leafeon CF, leafeon placemat/coaster set, water mobile kit
9. babycinnamon07 - 1x each new years decoration, NY darumaka strap, NY darumaka plush
10. bandanna_boy_17 - glaceon CF, psychic type CF, CF collection holder
11. doryphish333 - 1x each pokecen eeveelution plush
12. namiekun - patchwork bulbasaur plush, dragonair poketime plush
13. cyritic - Eevee blanket, Eevee cushion, 1x each pokecen eeveelution plush plus extra vaporeon, Eevee tin, Poketime plush growlithe/dragonair/ponyta/farfetchd, TCG sleeves - 1x each eevee kind + 1 joltik, eevee deck box, Mini pokedolls vaporeon/jolteon, Sawk pokedoll
14. tryndamere - patchwork bulbasaur plush, poketime growlithe/ponyta/farfetchd plush, whimsicott pokedoll
15. clair2522 - venusaur/gengar poketime strap, pokemomo gengar passcard case
16. umbreongirl - mini pokedoll umbreon
17. chibichimp - poketime venusaur/charizard/blastoise straps
18. toda - Fire type CF, shiny magikarp TCG sleeves
19. rax - Glaceon/Leafeon/Eevee 2x TCG sleeves, Espeon/Umbreon/Eevee 4x TCG sleeves
(all eevee items and poketime plush that were in stock have been picked up for above people. rest of items to be bought on pickup day!)

20. tsuiling - 1x each eeveelution plush, 1x each eeveelution mini pokedoll, patchwork pikachu plush an dmascot
21. mawaru - patchwork bulbasaur/chillarmy plush
22. squeakaree - patchwork chillarmy plush and mascot
23. bolin - Clearfile collection holder
24. vaporeon99 - vaporeon/leafeon/espeon CF, 2x vaporeon/flareon/jolteon TCG sleeves
25. joltzapvire - water mobile kit
26. abbeymew - jolteon/umbreon pokecen plush
27. jr890 - Pokecen vaporeon/jolteon plush
28. blackheart_dove - pokecen espeon/umbreon plush
29. silverhawk33 - placemat/coaster set 1x each eeveelution, CF lx each eeveelution
30. hamburger - pokecen Umbreon plush, mini umbreon pokedoll
31. tortoises - eeveelution deck case x2, 1x each eeveelution TCG sleeves, clearfile holder
32. yellowmudkip - psychic type CF (lugia/victini/unown)
33. bluehyaku - patchwork pika mascot, new years decoration (standing bamboo type)


Sign-ups are finished and list is finalized except for one or two people I am waiting for clarification/responses from! I usually try to respond to every commenter to let them know if I couldn't add them to the list, but this time there are so many comments it's not really feasible. ;_; So hopefully this notice will suffice!
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