Amarokster blog! (placetohide) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amarokster blog!

Amarok's November pickup -- signup post

Payment post is up and can be found HERE!

Hey, guys! I'm doing a pickup at the Pokecen next week, either on Friday or Saturday the 23rd/24th (trying to juggle my options to decide which day is more likely to have things actually in stock but don't want to be stuck in super bad crowds), so here are the details.

Please read the rules/info before you comment!Collapse )

Sign-ups are finished and list is finalized except for one or two people I am waiting for clarification/responses from! I usually try to respond to every commenter to let them know if I couldn't add them to the list, but this time there are so many comments it's not really feasible. ;_; So hopefully this notice will suffice!
Tags: pokecen
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