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Random collection post!

I don't really have a place to display my purple ghosty babies, and I know a lot of my stuff is hiding away... somewhere in storage.. But I pulled all I could find out to share with you guys!



Lots of little stuff! I dunno how I am going to display these little guys when we move... but I can't wait!

I have a few multiples of things. Might auction them off in the future. I have 3 of those BK kid, two don't light and one does so he is the leader of the gang. xD

Look at these guys... LOOK AT THEM. I am so happy they chose gengar for the pokemon time promotion this time. Like.. you have no idea how happy my expression was when I saw it.. then how sad at how I knew my wallet would be. D:


Left gengar is freaking huge... That is a L button down shirt. Yes. A people shirt. I am glad I can tie the arm behind his back.. who knows what mischief he would get into if he wasn't tied up! Small but still big gengar on the right is a massive reversible plush! Turns into a nice big pokeball!

I have a few mental figures (green and a bronze/gunmetal?), mystery plush (I Hope it is a worlds strongest series!) and the Gengar's shadow book coming. That book was a grail of mine and I just won it yesterday on Y!J... SO HAPPY!!!

I m still on the lookout for this kid... if you have one or it is found... please call... Inbox me asap!

Also looking for all these:

Oh god...


Only gengar, MWT please!

Fuzzy Gengar!

Packaged and top right gengar+haunter keychain

Ghosty shopper

Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed the gengars I could find! <3

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